AlmaWin - Cleanut palm oil free - 0,75L
AlmaWin - Cleanut palm oil free - 0,75L

AlmaWin - Cleanut palm oil free - 0,75L

Detergent for fine and coloured products

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Short Description:
Liquid detergent with fine and coloured, palm oil-free, with soap nut saponin, for - , for all textiles except wool and silk
About the Product:
I am an ENVIRONMENTAL HERO! My bottle consists of over 95 % recycled, used PE, plastic from the yellow sack/tonne. It is fully recyclable. Throw it back into the yellow bin/bag after use and it will become a new bottle again! For you and yours! We do our utmost to combine very good performance with the highest possible skin and environmental compatibility. AlmaWin products are eco-certified, biodegradable concentrates. The carefully selected natural raw materials are of vegetable and mineral origin. And where possible, the raw materials come from controlled organic cultivation. AlmaWin products have been successfully dermatologically tested. This guarantees you good skin compatibility. Recyclable packaging and the use of FSC-certified cartons and papers are standard. Since 2018, bottles made of 95% (PE) or 100% (PET) recycled plastic waste have also been used: THE ENVIRONMENTAL HEROES! You can tell by the small green leaf. In 2017 AlmaWin was again awarded the GREEN BRAND Seal for Sustainability.
Additional Details:
Detergent for fine and coloured products
Special Features:
AlmaWin Cleanut Palm oil-free detergent does not require tensides from palm kernel oil. Discover the concentrated power of the soap nut and the pampering quality. Cleanut makes your laundry cuddly soft, a fabric softener is superfluous. The laundry becomes smooth and of course wonderfully clean. It is particularly productive, as can be seen from the high number of wash cycles: 750 ml results in 25 wash loads when used in the full wash cycle. . It contains no enzymes and is completely free of palm oil. 95% recycled plastic in the new bottle.
For the treatment of extreme stains and for bright white laundry we recommend AlmaWin Oxygen Bleach Concentrate. Stains can be pre-treated directly with AlmaWin Cleanut or AlmaWin Gall Soap / Curd Soap. Important for allergy sufferers: Always rinse thoroughly, possibly carry out a 2nd rinse cycle.
Quality Standard & Certification:
ecogarantie|the vegan society
Product Type:
bottle (plastic)
Storage Conditions:
Keep closed and not below 10°C.
>= 5% <15% soap (vegetable oil soap*), <5% anionic surfactants (soap nut extract), fragrances (essential oils: verbena-lime and eucalyptus*), limonene, citral, geraniol, linalool. 5.0% of the ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation: Water, ethanol, sodium salt of citric acid, soda, lactic acid, xanthan gum, citric acid, wheat proteins. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.
AlmaWin Reinigungskonzentrate GmbH, Talstr. 2, D-73650 Winterbach

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