1. Help for the immune system

    Minerals & vitamins against viruses

    Your immune system has probably never been as challenged as it is today. Here in this article we will discuss minerals, vitamins and trace elements that support the immune system or enable it to function properly.

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  2. Sold out disinfectants & alternatives

    Disinfectants - the big sellout

    Here in the Navoco shop and almost everywhere else, disinfectants are in short supply and usually sold out. The sharp rise in demand has swept the warehouses empty. It would be nice if we could come up with some good news now, but the situation around supply chains and production is simply still too confusing. Here in this article we therefore look at alternatives to our biological disinfectants and want to give you - free of panic - an overview.

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  3. Recipe: Vegan organic chocolate paws

    Organic chocolate paws are a very special and cute snack. The little chocolate paws not only look sweet as sugar, but also taste incredibly delicious.

    Baked with our vegan organic ingredients, they are also sustainable! Here's how it goes.


    Portions: 1 tray

    Preparation time: 10 minutes

    Baking time: 15 minutes

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  4. The sweet lupine - regional meat & soy alternative

    Eating soy instead of meat products is in many ways more sustainable for our planet. Still, soy is far from perfect.

    One major criticism of soya is that it has to be imported into Germany from far away. Whether by ship or by plane, long distances cause extremely high CO2 emissions and thus a high carbon foodprint of the product...

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  5. Palmoil-free product alternatives

    Surely you've heard of palm oil? But what exactly is it and why is it so bad to buy products that contain palm oil?

    Palm oil is obtained either from the flesh of the fruit or from the kernel of the fruit of the oil palm. The oil palm is an efficient plant that is three times as productive as rapeseed and requires only one-sixth of the area under soya for the same yield...

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  6. How to care for your skin in autumn and winter

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