1. Hair soap - the environmentally friendly shampoo alternative

    Natural & environmentally friendly Avoid plastic and care for your hair

    Shampoo is so common in everyday use that it is almost impossible to realize how environmentally harmful and harmful this product can be to health. We want to introduce you to an environmentally friendly and natural shampoo alternative, which will certainly soon be part of your everyday life: Aleppo Hair Soap from FINIgrana!

    Hair soap - a real natural product with many advantages

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  2. Wonderbread - the glutenfree bread alternative

    A gluten-free bread alternative, which is healthy, comes from controlled cultivation and is also a real sports nutrition, has been a bestseller in our Navoco shop for quite some time. People simply love this tasty, gluten-free and healthy bread. Reason enough for us to give the "Wunderbrod" a detailed article so that you can see exactly where this great bread alternative comes from, what it contains, how it is prepared and what we think about this top product.

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  3. Recipe for vegan Organic Macadamia Cookies

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  4. Organic chocolate cake recipe

    For all those with a sweet tooth who prefer it healthy, we at NAVOCO present our recipe for a vegan and raw organic cake.

    Our healthy chocolate snack comes without any white flour or sugar and doesn't even have to end up in the oven. Now you can find out how that works:

    The base of our cake consists of dried organic apricots and ground organic almonds so that it tastes crunchy and fruity at the same time. The chocolate cake is filled with organic coconut oil and organic cashew kernels - especially great: we don't need any white flour. Instead of sugar you simply use organic agave syrup to give the chocolate snack a fruity sweet taste. Instead of the oven, you just need a little space in the freezer.

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