I'm sure you've already noticed that autumn is coming. Temperatures are dropping, days are getting shorter and the disease season is about to begin. In order to avoid unpleasant diseases like colds, flu, etc. this year, we would like to introduce you to some natural ways to strengthen your immune system.


1. Choose the right food!

You won't be surprised to hear that nutrition has a big influence on our health. Healthy food keeps your body running optimally and protects against diseases. Natural, fresh foods such as root vegetables, citrus fruits, pears and kiwi are particularly popular in the winter months.


natural remedy to stay healthy and fit


2. Active relaxation

Avoiding stress, plenty of sleep and regular exercise will help you fight colds and flu. In winter there is often a lack of daylight and the resulting vitamin D, which your body needs to protect itself against various diseases. Therefore, use the lunch time for a walk in the nature. This promotes your relaxation, provides plenty of fresh air and helps you to get some pleasant sun rays.


3. Health-promoting beverages

The increased intake of antioxidants can not only prevent disease, but is also very good for your skin, hair and nails.

The antioxidants contained in black tea are called polyphenols and help protect your cardiovascular system.

Why don't you try the tasty English Breakfast Tea from Lebensbaum. It has an aromatic, strong, but balanced taste. It is extremely digestible and stimulating and is therefore an excellent alternative to coffee, especially in winter. If you like, you can refine it with a little milk and sugar.

4. Wash your hands!

Regular hand washing with soap reduces germs and the likelihood of virus infection. If you don't always have the opportunity, use a natural hand disinfectant. Sodasan produces a spray for hand disinfection, which is free of colorants and perfumes and protects against numerous bacteria and viruses.


With these simple measures you can already start strengthening your immune system and reduce the likelihood of getting something in this cold and flu season. Safe is safe.