Coffee without caffeine? An alternative that is also sustainable? The idea of an environmentally friendly, fairly traded and naturally tasty substitute is appealing to more and more pleasure seekers. How nice that there is an answer to all their questions when it comes to coffee with chicory. Because that's what friends of coffee particularly appreciate: it's hot, it's healthy in effect, and it's fragrant. But chicory coffee can do that too. Just different and so really healthy.

Fine chicory coffee from Navoco Shop

Chicory coffee - what is it actually?

Chicory coffee is enjoyed hot, of course. It is a treat when it really steams. The rising fragrance, the radiant warmth and the anticipation of the and the pleasant slightly smoky taste when it cools down a bit - no wonder that the chicory coffee finds more and more friends. He is even healthy is even recommended as a therapeutic agent for all those who are prone to thrombosis. One cup per day is said to be sufficient for this purpose. If it tastes then also still so well, all the better. Since chicory coffee does not contain caffeine, it is ideal for those who would love to have a cup of coffee in the evening but have to do without it. For them, decaffeinated coffee is hardly an alternative. Chicory coffee, on the other hand, is. It can be a cup more.

Chicory coffee - as a coffee alternative

NATURATA - Zichorienkaffee zum FilternChicory coffee is obtained from the chicory root. The polyhenols it contains protect the blood vessels and especially the heart. By the way, the plant is not that uncommon in this country. Chicory is therefore not a superfood that has to be imported at great expense. Chicory is also known as "chicory". Chicory is a native plant and can be found on roadsides by the trained eye. Experts can only warn against making your own coffee from chicory. The required knowledge of harvesting and processing plants is complex and labor-intensive. It is better to buy the finished product from an organic producer, because the careful selection of suppliers takes place, which must cope with a large number of steps. In the first step, the root is dug out and thoroughly cleaned. Then it is stored in a special oven with compressed air for a certain period of time. This is important because the root must dry. Once this process is complete, the roasting process begins. Subsequently, the root is ground until a powder is obtained. This shows: The production of chicory coffee is something for experts. But with chicory coffee from the Navoco Shop, consumers can be sure that they are getting a high-quality product. The pleasure will convince! So tastes only real chicory coffee, which is a healthy coffee alternative.

So healthy is chicory coffee

Chicory coffee is rich in valuable content. These include minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium. But trace elements are also components of the coffee alternative. These are copper, manganese and iron. By the way, chicory coffee does not contain gluten and is therefore also suitable for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. But a very important point is the lack of caffeine. Therefore, chicory coffee is very suitable for those who suffer from the following not atypical health problems when drinking coffee:

  • Stomach problems with hyperacidity
  • Sweating
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability

The fact that chicory has healing properties is not a new discovery. Since the 18th century, the plant has been used as a remedy for indigestion, abdominal pain and loss of appetite. It also protects the liver and inhibits inflammation. So there are many good reasons for the coffee alternative.

Responsible pleasure

Zichorien - natürlich als Kaffee-Ersatz Coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks, but coffee cultivation is always in the headlines. The issues are the cultivation and the often not fair remuneration of the workers. The eco-balance of coffee cultivation can also be problematic, as soils are increasingly depleted in order to achieve as much yield as possible. In addition, the cultivation of coffee consumes an enormous amount of water. Chicory coffee is far better off. Chicory is a robust plant and grows in Central Europe. It is therefore a native plant. Chicory is also being increasingly cultivated as demand grows, creates jobs and is ecologically harmless. This includes the fact that the plant gets by with little water and also survives dry periods well. This conserves groundwater and eliminates the need for costly irrigation systems. This is an important aspect for organic farming. Chicory is also well suited to the use of pesticides because, as a native plant, it is resistant to bugs and diseases. This is another important argument against coffee and in favor of chicory coffee for ecologically conscious consumers. Plant chicory in the garden? Why not, but the chicory coffee tastes better from the Navoco Shop.

Preparation of chicory coffee and other tips

The good news first: A coffee machine is not necessary. Chicory coffee is also extremely frugal in preparation. All you need to do is pour 200 ml of hot water over two teaspoons of the powder. Stir briefly and the delicious chicory coffee is ready. By the way, if you like it a little sweeter, you can replace part of the water with plant milk. Then stir well and, if necessary, add some more powder and stir again. This way, the coffee alternative tastes pleasantly mild without losing its healthy effect. By the way, chicory coffee is also convincing as iced coffee. Anyone who particularly appreciates the taste of coffee can also add a fine coffee note to a dessert with a small amount of powder. This also works with chicory coffee and is a nice idea for festive events. Especially the slightly smoky taste contributes to a great result. No wonder that the powder of chicory coffee is also used in baking for more and more people.

Fine chicory coffee from Navoco Shop

NATURATA - Zichorienkaffee zum Filtern

The chicory coffee from Navoco Shop are organic products of high quality. Of course, the powders are of mild aroma and free of caffeine. In the thoughtful packaging, the aroma is preserved for a long time. The manufacturer Naturata is a well-known company for high-quality organic products, which already in the 1970s has gained a foothold in the then still young organic market and operates successfully to this day. In addition to fine chicory coffee, it offers many other products that constantly increase the demanding clientele. With its coffee substitute, however, Naturata is particularly convincing. This is also demonstrated by the trend shift in consumers towards healthy foods. Therefore, no one has to forego taste and quality. On the contrary. With every additional offer, the quality of life and the pleasure of enjoyment increase - without regret.

Well? have we aroused your interest - have fun with your new hot beverage from the Navoco store,

your Navoco team!