Anywhere at half past nine in the morning. Class 5B of the comprehensive school is having sports lessons. In the open-plan office around the corner the employees get ready for their breakfast break. At the university, an important medical exam is about to begin, and all those involved are already in the starting blocks. But before that there is a short moment of reflection. What do all these people have in common? They reach for their drinking bottles...

Why drinking bottles are importan

Have you ever found yourself in one or more of the above situations? Then you can certainly understand this behaviour. We are made up largely of liquid. The regular supply of water is essential for the human body to survive. If we move around or are stressed, we sweat more and more and thus have an even greater need, which is expressed by a feeling of thirst. It is extremely annoying if there are no thirst holes at hand. In the long run it is very expensive to buy drinks on the road all the time. Apart from that, it is much healthier to take homemade refreshments with you. Our solution for you are practical drinking bottles, so that you are always optimally supplied.

Drinking bottle support during sports

While you are really working out, your body loses fluid. By the way, in summer we sweat even faster because of the warm temperatures. Even small things like going to the supermarket are really exhausting. All the more reason to take care of yourself when you swing your hips to rousing rhythms in dance class or give your all in kickboxing. Professionals, and in the meantime also many recreational athletes, also pay attention to a balanced diet without harmful additives. Drinking bottles made of plastic or aluminium are therefore immediately out of the race and even disposable bottles fail the quality check.

However, the drinking bottles of the Emil company leave nothing to be desired. They are made of glass, so they are not only beneficial for the human body, but for the whole environment. In addition, they do not contain any harmful substances such as acetaldehyde, bisphenol A or phthalates. In spite of all this, they have a long shelf life. Their high resistance to breakage is tested more often, especially during sports use, and they master (almost) every challenge. If you decide to go for a long jogging session, you can be sure that your drinking bottles, as long as they come from Emil, will not leak. You are a unique personality and would like to show this in sports? The Galaxy bottle is colourful, but at the same time very stylish. You will be noticed one hundred percent by competitors and friends alike. The bottle cover conveys power and gives you an extra motivational kick during training. Its large capacity also guarantees you a good supply of fluids during your workout.

If you feel more like a winter hike, the protective and insulating thermo mug, in which the actual glass bottle is placed, keeps your drinks warm. Thanks to its long tradition, the Emil company has drinking bottles in different designs and sizes in its assortment, so that everyone can find something for themselves. Due to their modern design, they are also ideal to take along to sports lessons at school.

How drinking bottles bring colour into everyday working life

There are days that are just kind of gray. Even those who work with their heart and soul have a hangover. Situations where everything seems to go wrong. That frustrates and discourages. What could be better than drinking bottles that can put a smile back on your face? Drinking bottles to which you owe your renewed confidence? Probably sounds too good to be true, but they are real. The Bottle Alpenblick with its impressive capacity, 0.6 litres after all, provides not only for your physical but also for your mental well-being. It adorns a wonderful panorama of the Alps. Snow-covered peaks promise adventure and cosy evenings by the fireplace. Almost automatically the picture manifests itself before your inner eye. Perhaps the design will also remind you of your last or planned holiday. In any case, you will immediately feel a tiny bit better.

You're not really the type who is drawn to the mountains, but to the sea? You also like to make a political statement? With the Bottle drink responsible you can combine both. The drinking bottle is full of sea animals, from turtles to eye-catching fish. With the inscription you are also calling for sustainable consumer behaviour. In addition to stylish motifs, Soulbottles' drinking bottles offer just that: environmentally friendly everyday design that makes your heart beat faster. If you like individuality, you can even design your own drinking bottles. Of course, these are then also produced in a 100% climate neutral way, made of robust, shatterproof glass and free of harmful substances and plastics. What's more, thanks to the leak protection, the drinking bottles will never spill their liquid contents all over your desk. Instead, they offer you maximum convenience by being dishwasher safe. Just like the drinking bottles from the Emil company, Soulbottles has everything that a drinking bottle lover's heart desires. Large and small drinking bottles with a variety of motifs.


Drinking bottles: The heroes of everyday life

Going to school, doing sports, studying at university, being successful in the office and then living healthy lives? With the drinking bottles from the Navoco shop, this is child's play for you. Your body is optimally supplied with fluids, but harmful substances are of course kept outside. The drinking bottles from Emil and Soulbottles are perfectly matched to every occasion and character, so that you can never go wrong with style. Besides, you also do your part to save the world. By opting for sustainable glass bottles, you have a positive influence on the climate. The sustainable bottles are not only suitable for environmentally conscious singles, but also for families with children. Thanks to the high break resistance, the youngest family members are not exposed to any risk of injury. Furthermore, the drinking bottles do not cause any extra work, quite the contrary. After a long working day or an eventful family outing, they end up in the dishwasher and are immediately ready for use again.

Whichever drinking bottle(s) you finally decide on, you can't go wrong. Do you not like the motif after a while or do you not get along with just one drinking bottle in everyday life? Don't worry. Our talented all-rounders are waiting for you in the Navoco shop. They are looking forward to seeing you again and hope that this time you will choose them. And if you do choose the neighbor's water bottle, I'm sure they won't be angry with you. Neither are we.