Fairtrade chocolate - sustainable enjoyment

Fair chocolate brings together what should not be a contradiction. Chocolate is pure pleasure and at the same time a highly problematic product from an ecological point of view. The origin of the raw materials, their processing, the underlying ecosystem and, above all, the people who have to make a living from their work are a factor around the end product chocolate that is often forgotten at the supermarket checkout.

Fairtrade chocolate - at Navoco.eu

Here at Navoco, however, we think about exactly these ecological and ethical factors and only offer chocolate that meets our standards and tastes fantastic.

Quality feature of Fairtrade chocolate

Which Fairtrade chocolate is good? Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer this question clearly due to the multitude of tastes. However, some quality characteristics can be clearly identified.

Navoco Fairtade SchokoladeHigh cocoa content

In summary we would like to say: A lot of cocoa, little sugar! The cocoa content of a fine Fairtrade chocolate can sometimes exceed 85%. In the end it always depends on what you like, but a high cocoa content in high-quality Fairtrade chocolate is irreplaceable. We consider a cocoa content of 60% for dark chocolate and 40% for milk chocolate to be good.

No artificial flavours and additives

A stop signal when buying chocolate should be the word "vanillin", because artificial vanilla is hidden behind it. If you are looking for pleasure, you will certainly not find it in these chocolates. In our opinion, other flavourings have no place in good Fairtrade chocolate.

Origin of the cocoa beans

Many chocolates are sold by the melodious and exotic names of their alleged countries of origin. Apart from the fact that there is reasonable doubt that these indications are always accurate, we believe that above all, fairness must be the determining factor in the extraction of the raw materials and in their processing.


Protecting the environment, valuing people. The foundation of values in our daily work. Because neither people nor the environment should be harmed in order to enjoy our chocolates.

- Vivani "Our responsibility"


Fairtrade chocolate because it's about people

In addition to the quality characteristics of Fairtrade chocolate discussed above, the human factor is even more important to us at Navoco. The best chocolate does not pass our lips when people are paid and treated unworthily during production. With chocolate (and all other products in the Navoco shop as well) we want fair conditions for the people who provide us with the valuable products and necessary raw materials. It is important to us that profits do not go to international corporations, that the environment is damaged and that workers are left without fair wages and, above all, without prospects for themselves and their families.


Through regulated purchase quantities we give the farmers' cooperatives planning security and room for necessary investments. Regular training in organic farming makes the cocoa farmers fit and productive, thus increasing their harvest yield.

- Vivani "Fair prices"


That is why it is especially nice for us to see how the brands Vivani and Björnsted work together with cooperatives of local farmers in the countries of production and also directly address and eliminate problems such as child labour.

Delicious and fine Fairtrade chocolate in the Navoco shop

Two particularly artistically valuable Fairtrade chocolate varieties are offered here in the Navoco shop of Björnsted and Vivani. We show you our four favourites of these great chocolate brands below. Both Fairtrade chocolates are especially suitable as gifts because of their great packaging (ATTENTION Art!) - so don't eat it all up and order a little more!

Björnsted Fairtrade SchokoladeBjörnsted Fairtrade Chocolate

Link to Björnsted products here in the Navoco shop - CLICK!

SOULMATE Dark Chocolate 62% Cocoa

Voller Kakao-Geschmack mit 30% weniger Zucker – das lassen wir uns gerne schmecken! Die edle Fairtrade-Schokolade von Björnsted wird mit Agave gesüßt und erreicht so einen niedrigeren Zuckergehalt. Sonst spart die tolle Schokolade aber an nichts – einfach lecker!

SOULMATE Milk Chocolate

Full cocoa taste with 30% less sugar - we like to taste that! Björnsted's fine Fairtrade chocolate is sweetened with Agave, which results in a lower sugar content. But otherwise the great chocolate saves on nothing - simply delicious!


Link to Vivani products here in the Navoco shop - CLICK!

The fine Fairtrade chocolates from Vivani are also very popular with our employees and their families. Feel free to browse through our assortment - we currently have 50 delicious and fair trade products of the brand in our Navoco shop.

Fine dark cassis - fair trade chocolate from Vivani

Vivani wraps a wonderfully fruity cream of black currants in fine Fairtrade chocolate. An absolute pleasure!

Milk nut chocolate from Vivani

The whole milk nut variety has almost gained a bad reputation in recent decades - too many cheap chocolates had flooded the market with their sticky-sweet goods. Vivani, however, has revived this variety for us - with the finest ingredients and a noble packaging.


If you don't feel your mouth watering, we can't help you either! Everyone else is welcome to have a look around our Navoco shop for the most delicious Fairtrade chocolate - we wish you lots of pleasure and joie de vivre!



Bildnachweis: pixabay.com, björnsted