Mother's Day - of course you should think of your mother all year round and give her a little something now and then, but at the latest on the second Sunday in May it is really time to come by with something special. Here in the Navoco shop it's Mother's Day all year round, so to speak, and we certainly have the right gift for your mother.

Let us inspire you a little and make this year a very special pleasure for your mother.



Mother's Day the history of origins

Around Mother's Day there are always many myths of origin. We took a look at how Mother's Day really came about.

The origins of Mother's Day go back to the worship of the goddess Rhea in ancient Greece.

The modern version of Mother's Day, which we always celebrate on the second Sunday in May, dates back to 1914. It was then that Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis celebrated the first formal commemoration of Mother's Day in memory of her deceased mother. From this first meeting, through the diligent efforts of Mrs. Jarvis, the regular celebration of Mother's Day grew.

In Germany, however, Mother's Day was launched in 1922 by the Association of German Florist Shop Owners - romantic, wasn't it?


Gifts for Mom in the Navoco Shop

Here you will find great gift sets for Mother's Day <- CLICK!


Of course, with its first-class natural cosmetics, great natural drugstore products and the best natural brands, Navoco is the ideal place for a Mother's Day gift. Let's first take a look at our wonderful gift sets. In these gift sets, our selected manufacturers of natural products pack matching tasting sets, which provide a great overview of the best products, or noble combinations that every woman will be happy about.

But beware, especially the gift sets are always in great demand on Mother's Day and unfortunately sometimes sold out. Our tip in such a case is, simply choose the right products in our shop and create your own individual Mother's Day gift.

Weleda Gift sets

Weleda has a few interesting gift sets on offer. We especially liked the "Spring set wild rose/almond". This set contains a Wild Rose pampering shower with 200ml and a hand cream made of organic almond oil. Both are great natural cosmetic products in excellent Weleda quality, which your mother will certainly like. Besides this set, we have also listed a "Citrus" gift set, for example.

Yverum –care as a gift

With the "HYALURON face care set" we have a noble anti-aging product for your mums in stock. The set contains an anti-aging serum and a hand cream. Both products come in smart little containers that you can easily carry in every handbag.

Lavera –packaged happiness

"I'm full of happiness" is the motto of the Lavera gift set with three great products from the company. Included are a firming body lotion, hand cream and lip balm. This trio is also ideal for simply trying out Lavera products. We are sure your mother will get a taste for it.

PRIMAVERA - test it & give as a present

The PRIMAVERA care set is also ideal for getting to know the brand. Here PRIMAVERA uses organic sage and grapes for a fine skin texture.

Farfalla - Precious stone oils

By means of maceration, Farfalla brings the unique properties of the gemstones into regenerating jojoba oil and thus onto the skin. The oils are suitable for face and body care as well as for massages. This high-quality gift set contains seven of these wonderful oils. Each oil aims at a positive emotion. An ideal gift for mothers who like to try something new.

We hope to have some helpful inspirations for your perfect Mother's Day gift. We ourselves always do well with the great natural cosmetic products in our Navoco shop - our mothers love it!


Here you will find great gift sets for Mother's Day <- CLICK!

Have a good time with your mom,

your Navoco team!