It has been the talk of the town for some time now, especially among those of us who want to give up coffee, but not its wake-up effect: Guarana. We took a closer look at this miracle fruit from the Amazon basin.


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The classic variant of how the raw material, which is now considered a superfood, is found in our Western society is in the form of guarana capsules or powder or as tea, although the caffeine-containing food is also processed in numerous other products where you would not expect it at first glance - guarana in shampoo, for example. In the following article, you will therefore not only find information about the best way to enjoy guarana, but also, among other things, about the far-reaching positive effects the natural fitness enhancer can have.

The areas of application of guarana

Guarana originally comes from the Amazon rainforest of South America, where the plant, which belongs to the so-called soap tree family, was already used by the native peoples in a long tradition. Due to the high amount of caffeine it contains compared to a coffee bean, guarana is also colloquially referred to as "caffeine liana". However, it is mainly the small red fruits of the plant that are important, as these contain the seeds, also known as "nuts", which in addition to numerous fats, proteins and starch also have the caffeine characteristic of the plant.

In the meantime, word of the properties of guarana has made its way to Western societies from the Indian inhabitants of South America, who used the liana not only for food but also for medicinal and hygienic purposes. While guarana capsules are still very popular, the range of uses has expanded greatly in recent times. The companies Speick, Eliah Sahil, Yogi Tea, Hoyer and Naturata, for example, use guarana in their body care products as well as in their range of food products.

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Guarana in the early morning hours

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You're absolutely not a morning person, but you have to get up early on a regular basis to get ready for work or to take your kids to school? Or maybe you like to get up early because you can use the extra time for a relaxing morning ritual, such as meditation, but somehow your body doesn't get up quickly enough? In this case, you've probably tried a cup of coffee in the morning to get your body and mind up to operating temperature. Maybe you found out that you don't tolerate the hot beverage very well or that you don't really like the taste?

Thanks to the instant lupine coffee Guarana of the brand Naturata you now have a tasty and at the same time healthy alternative at hand, because unlike the caffeine of the coffee bean, the substance contained in Guarana is degraded only slowly, so that you benefit from its effect for a long time and gently. However, the coffee substitute does not only contain guarana, but also ingredients such as lupines, rye and chicory.

Dietary supplementation with guarana capsules and co.

But maybe you don't belong to the faction of coffee junkies, but you still want to benefit from the invigorating effect of guarana? You have always felt comfortable with dietary supplements, because you can dose exactly how much of a certain substance you take, but somehow you just can't get excited about the conventional Guarana capsules? Fortunately, you don't have to.

Because with the guarana and ginseng chewable tablets from the Hoyer company, in addition to your ability to concentrate, you also have a significant positive influence on your stamina, and all that in one hundred percent organic quality. However, the product does contain a little coffee extract, whereby, similar to normal guarana capsules, you will mainly feel the effect of the added guarana.


Break with tea from guarana

Pause mit Guarana Tee

Our everyday life is becoming more and more stressful, which at some point inevitably makes itself felt through inner restlessness and physical signs of fatigue. But it doesn't have to come to that, because you can counteract this stress caused by professional and private challenges in a timely manner: Conscious relaxation. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, with one very effective method being sport. Another way to be mindful of the wonderful little pleasures of life is to meditate.

You don't even have to sit cross-legged, because there are many ways to meditate, or simply to bring a little peace into your everyday life. With a cup of Green Energy Organic from Yogi Tea, the soothing warmth of the drink brings your attention completely into the here and now. In addition, the processed herbs of the green tea, which include guarana and lemongrass, are a balanced blend of energizing substances as well as those that promote your sense of mental balance.

More than Guarana Capsules - Shower Care with the Superfood

But there are actually many more uses for guarana than in the form of tea or guarana capsules, which at first glance seem rather unlikely. We are talking about care products such as shampoo in which guarana is said to have a revitalizing effect on weakened hair or the scalp in general. The Natural Active Shampoo with caffeine from guarana of the Speick brand, for example, was specially designed to provide severely damaged hair and its roots with sufficient nutrients and, thanks to the added sugar beet extract, the hair is also provided with a natural amount of moisture again.

If you are looking for something a little more unusual in your hair care, Eliah Sahil's organic shampoo Guarana in powder form could be a new companion for your daily routine. For both fine and normal hair, the combination of healing clay, chili and guarana in the suggested two washes not only provides mild cleansing, but also preserves the natural shine of your hair. In addition, the corresponding ingredients are effective for quickly greasy hair as well as for the appearance of hair loss.

Regardless of whether you are more interested in the classic dietary supplements such as guarana capsules or chewable tablets or in care products made from guarana: the range in the Navoco store leaves almost nothing to be desired in this regard. Treat yourself to a break with one of the numerous teas that contain guarana in their herbal blends and start the day full of energy thanks to the popular coffee substitute. We at Navoco hope you enjoy browsing through the Navoco store and have a pleasurable and soothing experience afterwards!