For many of us, this year is a holiday at home. Even if you like holidays on balconies in principle, you will certainly get the wanderlust every now and then. Not to mention the discoverers of the world among us, who would love to be in Dubai today and in Hong Kong tomorrow. To dive into exotic countries, you don't have to leave your domestic four walls at all. International cuisine brings the world to your home, even on holiday.

Holidays at home begin in the mind

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The last working day is drawing to a close. It is essential to get into the right frame of mind for the holiday at home, because holidays are above all one thing: a feeling. This can be the feeling of adventure or relaxation. To prepare yourself individually for your holiday at home, you can either read a good book set in faraway countries. Other people marvel at the delicacies in the shop around the corner. Whatever gives you a holiday feeling: everything that is good for you is allowed.

First stop on your imaginary holiday trip: Italy, the land of dolce vita. Decelerate, sunbathe and enjoy. That's what the boot on the Mediterranean represents. And what could be more Italian than pizza? The classic in international cuisine. Often prepared but always an art. The mother of all pizzas, the Pizza Margherita, is just as royal in taste as its namesake. If you feel like more variety, you can of course top your pizza with any ingredients you like. You probably still have the indispensable basic ingredients from your last purchase at Navoco in the house: the pizza base from LA BIO IDEA becomes wonderfully crispy in the oven, just like a real Italian pizza should be. Before the cheese and other foods are added to this international cuisine delicacy, you quickly spread the dough with strained tomatoes, garnished with the finest Sicilian basil. This is the way to have a holiday at home!

Delicatessen from the Orient

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The next morning you get up later than usual satisfied. Still well saturated from the pizza the day before, you almost drop a bottle from the cupboard while you are half asleep while preparing your coffee: it is native organic argan oil from Govinda. You have already discovered your next destination. It's off to the mysterious Orient - holidays at home can be so exciting!

For lunch you have red Moroccan lentil soup, which attracts the neighbours with its scent, who are now queuing in front of your window and wondering what on earth is giving off this divine smell. You hang a sign outside that says "I'm out of town" and you get some confused looks, but the grape finally disperses. Meanwhile, you have long since devoted yourself fully to international cuisine again. You use the oil known as "Morocco's gold" in the pan to sauté onions, carrots and garlic. Finally, you stir in the red lentils before pouring chicken broth over them and letting them simmer. Mentally you hear the Arabic calls from the souk from afar and feel the dry, warm air of the African continent. When you return to your delicatessen experience at home, the dish is almost ready. Now, as on cue, the guests you invited this morning to indulge in international cuisine with you ring the bell. Add a maximum of two drops of argan oil and some coriander from Sonnentor per portion before you serve the soup.

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The surprises of international cuisine

Yesterday's lunch was a complete success. Rarely in your life have you seen guests praising your cooking skills to the skies like that, all afternoon long! Today you want to take it easy and relax during your holiday at home. So you take a break from the kitchen and order a snack from the restaurant next door instead. Because your culinary trip to Morocco is still very positive in your memory, you decide to have soup again. This time, however, you choose a traditional Japanese miso soup. It is only when you enjoy eating it that you realize that you have just headed for your next destination without realizing it: The land of the rising sun.

Kotobuki Matcha bei Navoco online kaufen

You decide to take part in a film marathon, as the weather literally makes your holiday at home today a washout. Some good friends also announce themselves for the event in your home, so that the film selection is taken away from you because your environment is bubbling over with ideas: The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise or The Geisha are easy choices. A documentary on Japanese society is still under discussion. Even the delicatessen is being taken care of. So the only thing left to do is to decorate your home appropriately. In doing so, you feverishly think about what you could offer your guests to drink. Traditionally, the host takes care of this. When you look at the dishes from the international cuisine, which are lined up on the dining table two hours later, you finally get the brilliant idea: To round off the evening, there is Kotobuki Matcha from Amanprana - a ground green tea made from the whole leaves of the Camelia sinensis native to Japan. You almost forgot this jewel among your delicatessen treasures because you regularly confuse the high-quality organic Matcha with the aromatic South American Mate tea from Lebensbaum. Just before you fall asleep, the next destination of your holiday at home is fixed. It occurs to you that you unfortunately only had two days of vacation and have to be back at work tomorrow morning. The time at home went by in no time with your gourmet trips. However, the next holiday at home will definitely come and until then, cooking evenings in the name of international cuisine are a good consolation. Don't you think?

When you start your next holiday at home and you notice that you're boiling hot, that you're missing some delicatessen to lose yourself in the exotic world of international cuisine, we at Navoco are there for you. In the Navoco Shop you will find all the ingredients you need for a culinary journey around the globe. Until then, we wish you much pleasure in daydreaming about foreign countries, delicious dishes and adventurous discoveries. In this spirit: Bon Voyage!




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