Bestimmt hast du schon ein Mal von der sogenannten Low Carb Ernährung gehört, möglicherweise praktizierst du sie auch selbst. Für manche handelt es sich dabei um eine kurzfristige Diät ohne Zucker, andere sehen darin eine Option ihren Alltag nachhaltig zu verändern. Ganz egal aus welchem Grund du dich konkret für Low Carb interessierst, im Navoco-Shop gibt es eine Vielzahl an Produkten, die du für dich entdecken kannst – einige möchten wir dir in dem nachfolgenden Artikel näher vorstellen.

Low Carb Navoco Products

Low carb as a lifestyle

If you want to eat according to the principles of low carb, you need to reduce the number of carbohydrates in your daily food intake. However, they should not be completely omitted, because our body, especially the brain, can not do without sugar, or work healthy.  A permanent diet without sugar or even the conversion to low carb leads to altered metabolic processes in your organism, which are called catabolism, which primarily promote the burning of stored fat reserves.

Without sugar also works

Bio Gewürze und Zuckerersatz bei Navoco bestellen

However, low carb as a lifestyle or cooking and baking without sugar goes much further than simply watching the intake of carbohydrates. Without sugar, an important flavor carrier that has proven itself in many households for years is omitted. But of course there are not only similar alternatives for this, but you can familiarize yourself with numerous, possibly still unknown, spices to give your food the necessary kick. For example, ground Ceylon cinnamon, which is especially popular in the Arab world, is available from Lebensbaum, among others, and its subtle cinnamon note enhances sweet dishes and chutneys in particular. Another variant to give your dishes that certain something is the cardamom appreciated in Scandinavia. With cardamom in ground form, also produced by the brand Lebensbaum, you can make not only cakes and bread, but also fruit and poultry an outstanding taste experience.

Diet without sugar does not have to taste bad

As already mentioned in the previous section, low carb is not a complete renunciation of carbohydrates, but it is an essential part of the concept to at least reduce them so that you feel optimally well. In most cases, you are then confronted as a newcomer with the fact that many conventional recipes without sugar seem difficult at first. After all, you can experiment with old familiar and new spices, but in the end, something seems to be missing somehow.

Are you on the verge of giving up and resigning yourself to the fact that from this point on, an essential ingredient will no longer be present in your kitchen? Or, after a long and very disciplined low carb phase, you're wondering how you can incorporate a little sweet sin into your daily routine. Fortunately, a low carb diet doesn't mean having to go completely sugar-free. Especially if you have a sweet tooth, this will probably be a big weight off your mind. Although you should definitely avoid conventional cane sugar, it can easily be replaced with organic xylitol or birch sugar or organic table sweetener from erythritol, both products from the company BIOVITA.

How low carb makes everyday life easier

MorgenLand - Kokosmehl online kaufenHave you ever wondered how you can conjure up a gluten-free and lactose-free menu when you or someone in your family or circle of acquaintances suffers from an intolerance that also tastes good? You can't imagine having to make a low carb dietary change because it sounds like even more work to cook and bake than you're already doing? Fortunately, you'll find that if you're on a sugar-free diet, low carb doesn't have to be a hassle at all. Sometimes you can even kill two birds with one stone, for example with the high-fiber coconut flour of the Morgenland brand: The natural food contains no gluten or lactose and is also excellent for low carb baking.

Without sugar does not mean without fun

Especially if there are younger children or teenagers living in your household, you will face a special challenge in your low carb lifestyle, because to get them excited about eating healthy foods you already need a high level of ingenuity without any other aspects to consider. To introduce them to cooking and baking without sugar, for example, the fine peanut butter from the company TerraSana is ideal, which not only consists of one hundred percent roasted organic peanuts, but is also packaged in an environmentally friendly screw-top jar. It is ideal to inspire curious children and wary adolescents for an unusual, but delicious, low carb peanut and banana cupcake.

Discover new worlds with low carb products

Low Carb Erdmandeln bei Navoco

Often most people change their eating habits only very rarely, because after all there is not for nothing the saying "Man is a creature of habit". Whether you're new to low carb or an old hand at it, the ever-expanding range of products offered by many companies, especially in the organic sector, gives you plenty of opportunities to expand your culinary horizons.

Apart from the use of exotic spices, such as cinnamon or cardamom, and the use of gluten- and lactose-free coconut flour, the discovery of tiger nuts opens up a whole new world for you. Unlike their name implies, tiger nuts are root tubers of a sour grass plant, not nuts. For example, you can use Govinda brand ground tiger nuts to refine a delicious cake, taking cues from the fact that they're always a good choice when you'd normally use nuts. If you want to give the fiber-rich tiger nuts with their subtle sweetness a unique flavor, you can also roast them briefly.

Your new low carb everyday life with products from Navoco

A diet without sugar has long since arrived in the everyday life of many people and we at Navoco also offer you a wide range of low carb products in the Navoco store. If you are just starting to change your diet, you can, for example, try xylitol or erythritol as a substitute for conventional cane sugar. For the savvy low carb experts, the Navoco store offers, among other things, numerous spices such as cardamom or cinnamon, alternatives to conventional flour such as coconut flour, and fancy ingredients for your next cake, for example, fine peanut butter.

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