Natural mosquito sprays and other biological means against insects can help to show mosquitoes, ticks and other annoying creatures the red card - without any chemicals or other questionable substances. In this article we have collected everything about natural insect protection against mosquitoes and co.

The summer invites you to feel good, be it during the morning round in the swimming pool or in the evening during a barbecue with friends. But especially in the twilight hours, annoying mosquitoes attack everything that is not nailed down. Unfortunately, you are probably often one of them, because they love people. So what do you need to prevent or care for an itchy bite?

Aries and ZEDAN against insects

Natural insect repellent consists not only of mosquito spray, but also of anti-mosquito fragrance oil, cooling anti-mosquito roll-on sticks, conditioning lotions and numerous other options to make your life easier. The best thing is that with the brands "Aries" and "ZEDAN" you can fight the annoying beasts with effective and natural products.

Aries Anti Mück im Navoco-Shop Zedan Outdoor Spray bei Navoco

Mosquito spray is not everything

Just about everyone knows the classic mosquito spray, which is why many forget that there are numerous creative alternatives where it is definitely worth trying them out. First and foremost: anti-mosquito fragrance oil. Most of these natural insect repellents, just like mosquito spray, are packed in handy little containers so that you can take them with you wherever you go.

For longer journeys or simply if you like to be on the road a lot, which will happen more often in the summer months, we recommend, for example, the Anti Mosquito Scent Oil Universal from Aries: Unlike a conventional mosquito spray, you apply it selectively to the skin. However, it is not only there that it works very reliably against summer pests. Textiles of all kinds, scented lamps or vaporization devices can also be converted into an anti-mosquito measure in no time at all. Although it is a fragrance composition of natural essential oils with caring aloe vera, you should use mosquito spray and co. with care, because biocide products can irritate your mucous membranes.

Anti-mosquito help is only half the story

Before you learn more about the most effective way to keep mosquitoes away or treat mosquito bites, here is a small digression to other, quieter, but at least as annoying little bloodsuckers: ticks. In spring at the latest, beautiful green meadows and colourful flowers along the way invite you to discover the surroundings. But maybe you are more a fan of hiking, in midsummer it is usually nice and cool in the forest. However, you will also encounter them here.

Since mosquito spray does not help against ticks in most cases, you need another natural insect repellent, an anti-mosquito spray for ticks, so to speak: Anti Zeck of the brand Aries protects you against nasty tick attacks from the lower plant regions such as bushes, hedges or grasses. Because, contrary to what is often assumed, the bloodsuckers do not fall from trees. The essential oils with an extract of lemon eucalyptus oil additionally caress your nose when applied to textiles or the skin. However, similar to bug spray, the protection needs to be renewed after a few hours.

If the bug spray was not used

There are simply days like this when you spontaneously leave the house and don't know where the activities of the next few hours will lead: Surely you have spontaneously found yourself in this summery river at a barbecue or birthday party that you didn't know about before. As soon as the hot temperatures of the sun have been replaced by the refreshing darkness, possibly lit by a moon in the night sky, you hear it whirring around you. The characteristic sound that announces that there are mosquitoes near you. Especially in the vicinity of stagnant waters you then have really bad cards. Especially when, with all the exuberance of the day, the mosquito repellent is where you don't need it right now: at home on the dresser.

The next morning, the missing mosquito spray of yesterday evening makes itself felt by a penetrating itch. The Anti Mosquito Roll-on Pen from the Aries range is now exactly what your skin needs. It relieves the possibly painful itching by cooling the skin and thus contributing to its regeneration. As a true all-rounder, the pen not only helps with the consequences of forgotten mosquito spray, but also when nettles or even jellyfish have come into contact with your skin.

Der Anti-Mücken-Alleskönner für den Sommer

Nobody likes to carry a lot of things around with them. After all, a simple visit to the swimming pool can turn out to be so much like an expedition to Kilimanjaro that you feel like you're on an expedition to Kilimanjaro: you need to bring a swimsuit or swimming trunks and the appropriate towel. Shampoo, some small change, sun cream and mosquito spray are also required. However, you will also need additional protection against all the other beasts such as ticks and all the other nasty things in grasses and the like.

You think that you can't possibly carry this arsenal of remedies around with you every day? The thought goes through your head that there must be another solution for this? There is: The skin care lotion for active people from "Zedan". It not only provides you with your natural insect protection, including the effect of mosquito spray, but also your protection against sunburn. In addition, the basic sun protection with sun protection factor 6, thanks to natural essential oils, also acts as an all-round blow against any nuisance from the insect family. With this lotion you will get through the summer actively and relaxed at the same time.


Natural insect protection: everything from mosquito spray to anti-tick spray

The possibilities of how to defend yourself against mosquitoes are more diverse than ever before in this day and age. Both mosquito spray and anti-mosquito roll-on pencils will support you and give you a summer with nice conversations, good food and no more itchy skin. Of course, it can happen that your favourite anti-mosquito product is not at hand when it is needed most. Of course, there is also a solution with natural active ingredients that cools, cares and regenerates.

In the Navoco shop you will find the optimal anti-mosquito protection for every situation and various life models, from the sociable beach person to the environmentally conscious yoga teacher. The summer months are too short and also much too unique to spend them only inside buildings for fear of little pests. When nature blossoms, the spirit of adventure finally awakens in us. Thanks to the products in the Navoco online shop, you can easily meet friends and admire the beauty of nature. At Navoco, we'll keep you safe with bug spray and the like, so that this summer will be simply enchanting for you.



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