Sun cream - rarely has this article in the Navoco shop been in such high demand so early in the year. The early and very sunny spring has already brought the topic of "natural sun protection" into the discussion, and rightly so.

Natural sun cream in the Navoco shop

In this article we have taken a look around for you in the area of natural sun protection, nourishing sun creams and the offer in the Navoco shop.

What doesn't belong in the sun cream?

It is undisputed that our skin needs protection from strong sun and at the same time, stressed skin needs special care, but can do without chemicals and unnecessary additives.

Dangerous filters in sun protection products

The biggest problem of some conventional sun creams and lotions are the filter substances used to slow down the harmful UV light. Many different filter substances are incorporated into many sun protection products to achieve the most complete protection possible. It is precisely these substances that can then enter the bloodstream through the skin and put strain on organs - an absolutely undesirable effect that can also be felt by putting greater strain on our immune system.

Here we strongly recommend using certified mineral and natural sun creams and other sun protection products. Do not unnecessarily burden your skin and your health.

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Of course without microplasty

Fortunately, the tiresome topic of microplasty has been frequently discussed by the general public - it is almost surprising that sun creams & co. with this unnecessary "dirt" can be found in the trade. Here in the Navoco shop you are definitely safe from microplasty.

Natural sun creams

Natürliche Sonnencreme im Navoco-ShopSun creams in natural cosmetics work without chemical UV filters and do not contain substances such as octyl methoxycinnamates, isoamyl methoxycinnamates, polysilicone-15, benzophenone-3, -4, -5 and whatever else they are called. In mineral sun creams, which we offer, there are also no nano-particles.

Natural cosmetics sun creams in the Navoco shop

In order to give you a little overview, we have selected a few natural sun creams and sun milk products that safely meet the above criteria and can be applied as often as you like without a guilty conscience. With these wonderful products the days can stay sunny!

Lavera - Sensitiv Sonnenspray LSF 20

With this sensitive sun spray Lavera has a classic in our shop. The product protects you from harmful rays and contains organic sunflower oil and organic coconut oil. The sun protection is a carefully balanced natural composition which reduces the risk of skin irritation and sun allergy.

We find the Lavera sun spray simply practical. It is waterproof and offers reliable protection. Have a look at the other excellent Lavera products in our Navoco-Shop!


Laboratoires de Biarritz – Sunscreen Stick LSF 50+

Laboratoires de Biarritz im Navoco-ShopThe practical sun protection in the form of a stick is always ready to hand and provides effective protection when out and about. At the same time, the high-quality product from Laboratoires de Biarritz is a certified natural cosmetic, which thanks to Alga-Gorria is subject to a unique active ingredient principle.

"Alga-Gorria is an excellent radical scavenger, as its effectiveness is 13 times greater than that of a control group of antioxidant molecules found on the cosmetics market. This extraordinary ability is coupled with the UV protection of the red algae Gelidium Sesquipedale, which this plant has developed during its evolution and from which the extract for Alga-Gorria is obtained"

Quote: Laboratoires de Biarritz


Speick – Sun Sonnencreme LSF 30

The Speick sun cream is particularly popular in the Navoco shop. The product is, of course, free of nanoparticles, aluminium and perfumes, and therefore ideal for all skin types. Sugar beet extract, skin-soothing reed extract and pomegranate cell protection complex provide the skin care in this natural cosmetic sun cream.


Sun cream with extra care

Especially skin stressed by strong sunlight needs extra care. Fortunately, the suppliers of natural cosmetics have a whole arsenal of natural and caring substances at their disposal. So there is no reason not to apply valuable care to the skin in addition to sun protection.

Eco cosmetics - SPF 10 sun cream with sea buckthorn berry

eco cosmetics im Navoco-ShopThe wonderfully nourishing sun cream from eco cosmetics is based on the combination of sea buckthorn and olive. The sea buckthorn berry has long been known in Asia and is particularly rich in vitamins A, C and E. The properties of sea buckthorn have a protective and caring effect on your skin, keeping it smooth and soft.

Eco cosmetics – Sonnenlotion LSF 30 NO BIOCIDE

This great sun protection product from "eco cosmetics" helps against annoying insects. The scent of this sun lotion consists of essential citrus and eucalyptus oils, among other things, which prevent mosquitoes from perceiving the natural body scent of humans. We love this natural combination of sun and insect protection!


Off into the sun - with natural sun protection

We hope to have introduced you to the advantages of sun creams from our natural cosmetics. Just browse through our wide range of products and find your ideal sun cream for the sunny days of your life.

We wish you a sunny time,

your Navoco team!

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