Which I'll do better next time I buy a hamster! In times of crisis, a hamster purchase is usually made on impulse. Often there is organic food in the shopping cart, which at second glance does not seem to make much sense in its composition.

Sometimes they are not suitable for a hamster purchase because of their low durability. In principle, hoarding is not a bad thing. Even in normal everyday life a stock can prove to be quite useful: For example, when friends or relatives come to visit spontaneously. It is well known that you learn from your mistakes, so we have summarised our experiences for you here.


Durable organic food

The yield from my last hamster purchase was in many respects: suboptimal. Organic food always ends up in the shopping cart in abundance. For a family that likes to cook fresh food every day, you almost reflexively reach for organic food when you buy hamsters. This time, too, cucumbers, courgettes, peppers, apples and bananas gathered in the kitchen afterwards. After a few days, what was to come: fresh organic food often does not keep for as long if unprocessed, so I had to come up with something to prevent the goods from spoiling.

One thing is at the top of the list for the next hamster purchase: Salt. Already in ancient times it was used to extend the shelf life of various foods, including meat. In the Middle Ages, salt was even nicknamed "white gold". However, you need a large quantity for such an undertaking: coarse salt from the Atlantic Ocean from Danival, for example, is available in a kilogram pack. If you want to save yourself work, you can of course choose organic foods that have a long shelf life when you buy your hamster. Contrary to their reputation, canned foods like La Bio Idea's red kidney beans often contain a variety of minerals and vitamins.

Do not forget enjoyment when buying hamsters

The organic foods of the last major impulse purchase were one thing above all: healthy basic foods. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with that. However, after a few days I ran out of coffee, which was particularly painful in the morning. As soon as you have covered the essential supply with your hamster purchase, you can turn your attention to your preferred luxury foods. Small sins in everyday life - and especially in exceptional situations - are allowed. In addition, it increases the well-being considerably if you treat yourself to something from time to time.

If you count yourself among the coffee junkies, or just like to drink a cup, you should go for Chi Café Bio from Govinda when buying a hamster. Besides freeze-dried coffee, it also contains organic food such as ginseng or guarana. Those of you with a sweet tooth will probably want to make up for the sweet taste. That's the use of another luxury good that should not be missing when buying a hamster: sugar. Besides salt, it is one of the organic foods that not only lasts for a long time, but also preserves others. Therefore it is also often called "white gold". With the organic Mascobado whole cane sugar - 1000g of Gepa, you also have an order of magnitude at hand that is worthwhile for a hamster purchase.

Organic food: Even for the youngest

Children have different wishes and needs than adults. A good friend of mine told me about her faux pas when buying a hamster: In the general rush to buy one, she completely forgot that her two sons at home can't live without ketchup at the moment. Of course, the little family survived the oversight well, but the initial period was very nerve-racking. Ketchup is ideal for hoarding and is also healthy. Children's ketchup from Byodo is an organic food for the whole family, as adults also enjoy this classic, slightly sweetened with agave syrup. Try to think healthy and family-friendly when you next buy hamsters. Then you'll find a more relaxed atmosphere right away.

Hamster purchase with system

Some people meticulously plan what organic food they will need in the coming days or even weeks. Others are more spontaneous. If you share my passion for improvisation, I must warn you that spontaneity is not a recommended course of action when it comes to buying hamsters. Rather, a certain structure and level-headedness are required if you want to hamster efficiently. Otherwise you might be standing in front of your noodles, like me, with a fresh apple instead of the wild mushroom mix of mushrooms Wohlrab and wondering how on earth you should combine this now. The magic word in this case is: recipes. Before you buy your hamster, it is a good idea to choose different dishes that you want to cook. Ideally, you will need durable organic food. Afterwards, the shopping is done systematically so that nothing stands in the way of creative and tasty kitchen creations.

Buying hamsters: Order organic food cleverly

You are probably not the only one who decides one day that the moment of hoarding has come (again). Depending on the overall social situation, you will not notice too much difference between your hamstering and the normal weekly shopping. Or maybe everyone suddenly wants to have a supply of organic food at home. In that case, you will have to be prepared for long lines at the supermarket and maybe even further restrictions. For the future, I plan to make the next hamster purchase online, unlike the conventional supermarket method. For example, I can find out at my leisure that Algamars Gomasio with nori algae not only contains trace elements and mineral salts, but also vitamins, fibre and essential amino acids. When trying to give the contents of a spice mixture the attention it deserves, I recently had a stressed extended family next to me in the supermarket aisle, which caused the concentration to plunge into the bottomless depths. A hamster purchase is exhausting in itself, you should spare yourself additional stress. Buying organic food online can be a lot less stressful.


We at Navoco have also experienced quite a few things when buying a hamster. Not all of them, but many organic foods are excellent for hoarding. Despite all pragmatism, the feel-good aspect should never be neglected in everyday and unusual situations, once the basic supply has been secured. In the Navoco online shop you will find the right product, no matter which phase of your hoarding purchase you are currently in: whether coffee for morning motivation, ketchup for cooking fun with the family or table salt from the Atlantic Ocean to preserve even your organic food. Why don't you have a look at your next hamster purchase and save yourself the stress in the supermarket.

Have fun hoarding!





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