Italian cuisine without pesto? Unthinkable! But pesto specialties are many. This applies not only to the flavors, but also to the quality. The variety is an asset, but there should be no compromise on quality. In the Navoco store, discerning connoisseurs have the choice among the top producers of pesto, such as LaSelva, BYODO, PPURA and others.

Pesto quick & delicious

Finally, the pesto jar is a real eye-catcher on any food table, because everyone knows what taste explosion the organic pesto guarantees.

Pesto specialties for generations

BYODO - Pesto Arrabbiata im Navoco-Shop kaufen

Pesto is a cream that is indispensable in Italian cuisine. Organic pesto is traditionally eaten with pasta, because it gives the pasta a very special touch. Pesto Genovese is particularly popular, made from basil garlic, high-quality olive oil and pine nuts. But there are many more varieties. At Navoco they are all available in selected quality and a real enrichment for the next planned meal for demanding people.

The perfect pesto for the perfect taste

Pesto is an ingredient that requires a lot of effort and expertise to make yourself. The fresh ingredients and the selected spices alone make it difficult for friends of Italian cuisine to make one or possibly even several types of pesto themselves. The fine pleasure without much effort is available at Navoco. Pesto specialties from LaSelva, such as pesto with truffles, show that pesto is also welcome by guests at highly festive occasions.

Not only Italian cuisine with pesto from Navoco

Pesto specialties are not only available in Italy. A really tasty alternative is the Balkan-style pesto. The aromatic seasoning sauce from Demeter is a real organic pesto and of course vegan. Vegan and Balkan? But sure, the kitchen offers many exciting vegetables that develop a special flavor when grilled. How about corn? Or even peas and peppers? Now add some toasted bread and the Pesto Ajvar has the perfect base. The barbecue can start. By the way: Wok seasoning is also waiting in this category. The fine note with a touch of lemongrass provides the incomparable taste. The production is strictly traditional. The manufacturer has used fermented shoyu and miso. A delight! And healthy it is, too.

Fruity pesto - the indispensable offer

BYODO - Pesto Rosso kaufenBYODO offers with its Pesto Rosso a real highlight among the spicy pastes. Already when opening the pesto jar, the incomparable aromatic scent of dried tomatoes emanates. Finely underlined by hard cheese and virgin olive oil, the pesto from BYODO is a real treat. That's all the meal needs, and the good news is: it can be wonderfully combined over and over again. Of course, the organic pesto also tastes good with meat. It doesn't have to be the barbecue either. How about a relaxed evening with friends or family with a table grill and various vegetables and meats in small portions? So everything is easy to try and refine with pesto in different flavors.

Pesto specialties for the perfect meal

Bio Pesto aus frischen ZutatenAnyone who enjoys spicy dishes can't avoid pesto from LaSelva, BYODO, PPURA and other high-quality manufacturers. The offers are simply too convincing and thanks to high quality also really healthy. The added value is that the pesto specialties are also suitable for refining sauces. Thus, by the way, they go wonderfully with fish dishes, such as the Pesto Rosso from BYODO. Just a few spoonfuls into the sauce and the dish gains a fruity note that enhances any dish. Of course, homemade pestos also give a lot of pleasure. But the comparison with the pesto in a jar from the Navoco Shop is worthwhile. It also leaves more time to marinate meat, decorate the table and prepare fine salads - or to chat with guests.

Unique pesto varieties from LaSelva, BYODO and PPura

It tastes better that way. Everyone has different preferences, so it is advisable to have a comprehensive range when visitors are coming. With organic pesto, almost all dishes can be given a fine touch. It can be hot, fruity, mild, Mexican, spicy, or Asian. If you like it hot, you will be happy with Pesto Arrabbiata. Fiery chillis provide enthusiasm. If it is too spicy, simply take a little less or eat some bread in between. Already the taste buds calm down and are ready for new pleasure. By the way, the Arrabbiata Pesto is also suitable for refining sauces. The pungency is particularly easy to regulate. The pesto can be kept for some time. Room temperature is sufficient for this. However, this will hardly be necessary. It is too tempting to season the next dish right away.

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So many pesto varieties from the Navoco Shop

Allos - Hofgemüse Patricks Tomate PestoMexican cuisine brings the fire to the plate. Therefore, the seasoning sauce with salsa effect is indispensable, especially for meat dishes. It goes well with salads with peppers and, of course, corn on the cob, spread with butter - or directly with the salsa - sauce. Such pesto - specialties without curry sauce? Of course not. After all, most people love curry. With organic seal and as Red Thai Sauce, this delicious pesto is vegan, by the way. The fine, Thai spices go well with various vegetables, which may also be exotic. In addition, the manufacturer Sanchon has refined its product with coconut. Thus, the curry sauce Red Thai tastes guaranteed always.

Do not forget bread!

Toasted bread as flatbread, toast or baguette, may not be missing on the gourmet table with organic pesto. A really smart idea is to provide pesto in a jar as a spread. The chickpea ginger spread is particularly delicious. White bread in particular benefits from the fine consistency and mild spiciness typical of ginger. A tip: Toast the bread briefly on the grill and place a sprig of rosemary in the embers. This way the result tastes even better. Of course, the spread is also suitable as a dip or for everyday use as a substitute for sausage or cheese. As finely seasoned as the spice mixture is, no one is surprised that the spread is becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to the screw jar, it can be easily resealed and stored in the refrigerator for a short period of time. This product is also 100% organic and healthy. Therefore, the spread from the Navoco Pesto offer is suitable for all generation.