Stress at work, trouble with the craftsmen and women, an argument with your partner, your child is ill and much more: our everyday life is usually very demanding. Often everything comes at once. Then the majority of people experience a phenomenon that you know for sure.

They get sick on top of everything else. There really couldn't be a more inappropriate time and in general you can imagine better things than lying in bed with a flu-like infection. Especially when the sun is shining outside. But why is that actually so?


Your immune system reacts to stress

It is scientifically proven that an increased level of the stress hormone cortisol weakens our immune system. Therefore, it can happen that you are completely knocked out when the weather is wonderful. No "big" events are needed for this, just the mass of activities in everyday life is pure stress for your body. Even if you are worried, this has physical effects on your immune system. The good news is that your stress level can be greatly influenced by yourself. So the solution is: anti-stress through active relaxation.


Sport causes anti-stress

Your body shows you that you are stressed by releasing energy. Usually this is used to provide you with the necessary power for a fight or escape in the face of imminent danger. However, a parent who runs away from or fights a sick and screaming toddler is not an option.


Baldini Lavendel Raumspray im Navoco-Shop

For this reason you need another valve for the accumulated energy. The type of sport you choose depends on the type and situation: Do you want to really work out? Jogging, boxing, weight training and basically anything that makes you sweat. Your immune system will thank you for it in any case and your muscles will also signal anti-stress or positive stress to you through feelings of relaxation. Don't forget to clean your skin with a gentle shower gel afterwards. Natural Active Shower Gel by Speick refreshes your senses and prepares you for another form of anti-stress sport: Yoga or Qi Gong.

After you have activated your immune system by strong movement impulses while jogging, you can now consciously go into relaxation after a shower. As with other meditative activities, your parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated. This is the part of your nervous system that acts on your body when you relax. You can support the atmosphere during yoga with relaxing room scents, soothing sounds and pleasant lighting conditions. It is not for nothing that lavender is used, for example, for problems falling asleep caused by a lack of relaxation. Simply spray a few blasts of Baldini Lavender Room Spray from the Navoco shop and let yourself sink into the yoga pose.

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Healthy nutrition promotes relaxation

Lovechock Riegel Extra Pur im Navoco-Shop

Most well-known yogis pay very close attention to the food they eat. It is not for nothing that the saying 'You are what you eat' is often quoted; there is some truth in this statement. Stress can be measured in every human cell, but so can anti-stress. If we are stressed, there are often too many free radicals in our body. This so-called oxidative stress is poison for our immune system, because it promotes inflammation and thus in the long run leads to an overload of our body's defences. In this case the right nutrition can have a supporting effect on your immune system.

Treat yourself to a little cocoa every now and then, because it is a true all-rounder among foods. More anti-stress is really not possible. In addition to calcium, the raw cocoa bean contains large quantities of magnesium and iron. Secondary plant substances have an effect on your entire body. Especially the antioxidants in cocoa promote relaxation because they fight oxidative stress. To treat yourself to this anti-stress cure, you need pure cocoa, as the ingredients of milk cancel out the positive effects of the raw cocoa bean. Fortunately, Navoco offers bars from the Dutch company Lovechock. They only process cocoa in its raw form. Try the Lovechock Bar Extra Pure as an introduction. Of course, you can get acquainted with many flavours, because the assortment is almost infinite.

If you are one of those people who do not like cocoa, do not despair at this point. You can also be helped. In stressful times, your immune system finds active allies in dried fruit. Goji berries in particular. These berries, which come from China, are real superfoods and strengthen body, mind and soul. Start your day already with a relaxation booster in your breakfast by treating yourself to organic goji berries from Flores Farm. Mix muesli with milk, spelt or oat drink and sprinkle the berries over it. The anti-stress breakfast is ready. Even one of these small berries will strengthen your immune system, but it has a lot more to offer. For example, it alleviates sleep problems and is good for your eyes.

Strengthening the immune system is child's play

It's up to you whether stress weakens your immune system or anti-stress gets the better of you. Positive stress through active relaxation with meditative techniques can be learned in a course. Yoga and Qi Gong are very trendy. You keep up with the times, additionally you improve your immune system: What more do you want? Maybe meditative anti-stress defence is not your cup of tea. Instead, you should actively play sports. Keep in mind that the respective atmosphere, i.e. the light, the smells and the sounds around you, have an effect on your relaxation.

A healthy body is only as relaxed as the food it consumes. Admittedly, food itself does not cause stress (at least it hasn't been proven otherwise to this day), but it does have a direct effect on your immune system with the help of relaxing or stress-enhancing ingredients. Are all your anti-stress measures in place? Then the stress can come now. Nothing can knock your socks off so quickly. Find a few like-minded people who want to live relaxation in everyday life with you. After all, shared happiness is double happiness.

If the stress devil strikes unexpectedly once with full force and you neither know in nor out, at Navoco you will find everything you need to strengthen your immune system: from cocoa to shower gel to goji berries, everything is included. On a small detour you can also take the Lavender Room Spray with you. The world looks more relaxed again.

In this sense - all the best for your health,

your Navoco team!


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