An invigorating shower and soothing care are simply part of everyday life. In this article we have taken a look at the great shower and care products from Lenz Naturpflege, Kneip and Weleda and put together a range of great products for your feel-good shower.

The skin as a mirror of the soul and health

"It gets under my skin" is a popular expression to indicate that something is emotionally affecting us. If we are preoccupied or stressed by one aspect of our life, the psyche can sound the alarm by communicating through the skin (all over the body). Redness, itching or general discomfort in one's own body are just a few examples of this unpleasant state. On the other hand, the skin also shows the state of a person's immune system. As it is the organ with the largest surface area, this barrier of the body to the outside world offers natural protection against bacteria and other harmful substances such as chemicals. If the skin is not properly cared for, unwanted visitors will penetrate your body much more easily. Diseases in turn have a damaging effect on the psyche - a vicious circle. In addition to healthy stress management, you therefore also need care products that support you in everyday life to remain physically and mentally healthy.

Perfectly supplied with Lenz Naturpflege

You are interested in the ingredients of the food and cosmetic products you use in your daily life, but at the same time you don't want to spend endless time in the supermarket reading the small print? Are you also tired of having to look for different brands all the time? Lenz Naturpflege is the solution that not only gives you the best natural products, but also saves you the time of the additional search. The company provides you with almost everything that men and women need for everyday body care.

Lenz Naturpflege: definitely suitable for everyday use

The all-round package from Lenz Naturpflege lets everyone start the day with a gentle yet revitalizing facial care. The facial tonic Camomile Lemon Balm is not only suitable for the health-conscious ladies among you, because it refreshes male skin and prepares it for the challenges of everyday life. After a strenuous and eventful day, it is good to take a shower in the evening to get into the mood for relaxation. As cleansing with soap and co. is necessary and hygienic, but also strains the skin, it should be carefully applied afterwards. You are welcome to not only apply the body lotion Klettensamen Horsetail and let it soak in, but also massage it in yourself or let someone else loosen your muscles. This way you are guaranteed to leave all stress behind you. Of course, Lenz Naturpflege has not forgotten the little ones among us: The baby care oil Sea Buckthorn Camomile is tailored to the needs of sensitive baby skin, which is why it provides gentle care and dispenses with fragrances. In all its products, Lenz Naturpflege uses only natural ingredients and refrains from animal testing as well as the use of additives, with the exception of colour pigments from nature or harmless minerals.

From his own experience: Kneipp Duschgel

Sebastian Kneipp, the founder of the Kneipp company, developed the cornerstone of today's product range from the treatment of his tuberculosis disease, years of research and the belief in a holistic philosophy of life. Just like Lenz Naturpflege, the company does not use silicone or paraffin oil not only in Kneipp shower gel, but also in any of the products in its range. These, unlike the natural oils used, cannot provide your skin with deeper and healthier care. Apart from the naturalness, however, general compatibility, resource-saving cultivation and proven effectiveness also play a role in Kneipp Shower Gel, which is why only some of the company's products are considered certified natural cosmetics. If the whole thing with the many care products is too complicated for you and you would rather shower and care with an all-rounder, there is of course also a varied selection of Kneipp shower gel for you. With the Shower Balm Lemongrass & Olive, your skin is protected against dehydration. In addition, the unique scent revives your senses and promotes concentration, giving you a motivational boost.


For every situation in life: Weleda Duschgel

Weleda stands for comprehensive body care in all areas of life, whether after birth, in youth or old age. The respective lead plant of a care series appeals to human bodies in different stages and always provides your skin with sufficient moisture. Although Weleda Shower Gel and other products with the help of mineral and herbal materials aim to promote the self-healing powers of your body, they also support your inner balance with their natural ingredients. Therefore, in addition to your skin, you also care for your mind and soul. Just like Kneipp shower gel, Weleda offers minimalist contemporaries the opportunity to protect the environment by avoiding waste. How to do that? With Weleda Shower Gel 2 in 1 Shower & Shampoo, Sparkling Lime, your showering pleasure has not only become more environmentally friendly. Thanks to its dual use for body and hair care, the hectic fiddling around with various containers is now a thing of the past: ecologically beneficial. Furthermore, the mild cleansing of your skin is combined with a cleansing of your mind when it sees your refreshingly empty shower. Of course, you may have to supplement Weleda Shower Gel according to your individual needs: If you notice that your hair becomes thinner after a certain age, the invigorating hair tonic will do well in your daily hygiene routine. Simply apply after using a Weleda Shower Gel and improve the nutrient supply of your hair. In general, the tonic helps to maintain a healthy scalp.


Not only fashionable natural cosmetics connoisseurs will find what they are looking for in the Navoco Shop. We help every woman and every man to care for themselves naturally. Our products are tailored to your very personal life situation. No matter what you are looking for, whether an extensive product range or all-in-one shower gel, Lenz Natural Cosmetics & Co. offer you optimal care for body and soul. You can easily browse through Navoco online and test at home in everyday life what you enjoy most. Even if you need something more unusual, like a tonic, you will find it in our Navoco Shop.

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