As soon as the days get warmer and you are woken up in the morning by the chirping of birds again, spring has arrived in our latitudes to replace winter. Most people can hardly wait for the spring to turn into the summer...

Spring care for your skin at the Navoco-Shop

... and enjoy the first warming rays of sunshine of the new year. You're probably also spending more of your free time outdoors and noticing how the weather affects your mood. But not only your psyche, but also your skin reacts to the approaching spring. In the following article, we will show you which products and at what time you can optimally implement natural spring care for your skin.

The freshness kick in the morning against spring fatigue

For the vast majority of people, spring is a time to recharge their batteries and reawaken their spirits. However, some people have to struggle with pollen allergies while the first flowers are in bloom or are confronted with a pronounced spring fatigue, especially in the morning right after getting up. Or maybe you simply belong to those contemporaries who find it hard to get up even when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.

Fair Squared - Shampoo Apricot im Navoco-Shop

In this case, the right spring care for your skin will help you.  We often forget that the choice of shower care - not only in summer or spring, but also in winter - can affect the state of our natural skin barrier. Your skin is the largest organ of your body in terms of surface area and serves as a shield against foreign bodies from the outside world. Thus, it plays a major role in your immune system, but the ingredients in your favorite shampoo also affect your psyche. With the Apricot Hair Shampoo from the Faire Squared brand, you are not only doing something good for your scalp and hair. The apricot kernel oil used subtly activates your senses, so that you start the day cheerfully.

Preparation for the intense rays of the sun

In the spring, the sun increasingly penetrates to us and probably you will also spend more and more time outdoors, be it with an extensive sunbath or a hiking tour on the weekend. However, many people underestimate how much power the sun's rays bring with them in spring. The result is often a painful and visually equally unpleasant sunburn. Especially if you have naturally fair or sensitive skin, good sun protection is essential.

lavera - Sensitiv Sonnenspray online kaufenIn the past, however, sunscreen has often made negative headlines, among other things because of various harmful or even carcinogenic additives. You are probably wondering whether it is at all possible to protect yourself gently, but also effectively, against sunburn. With the Sensitive Sun Spray of the well-known brand Lavera you are on the safe side, not only with regard to the sun protection factor. Due to the natural composition of mineral-based UV filters, as well as coconut and sunflower oil in organic quality, the spring care for your skin becomes an all-round and healthy experience.

Extra moisture for sensitive skin

With the increasing temperatures, the needs of your skin also change significantly. During the cold winter months, it was important to make sure that your skin barrier was supported by the use of oil. As soon as spring has arrived, your skin will sooner or later demand more moisture and less of an oily skin care product, and you will usually notice this early on. However, it is more than advisable to change your skin slowly, so as not to stress it further.

An ideal way to give your skin the moisture it needs, and thus ensure an attractive complexion, is the moisturizing rose geranium face oil of the company Farfalla. Just a few drops of this oil are sufficient, which are gently massaged into the relevant areas of the skin in the morning - and also in the evening if required. A positive side effect is that your nervous system is also relaxed by the movements and the fragrances used. These include essential oils of damask rose, rose geranium, bergamot and numerous others. The toning skin care is also ideal for scar care due to its cell regenerating properties.

Skin care relaxation

The skin is known to be the mirror of the soul, which means that if you are not feeling well, your skin will also react to your state of mind. Of course, it's the same the other way around: if your skin is under stress, many people notice the personal effects very quickly. Therefore, it is actually more than obvious that a combination of skin care and relaxation rituals just lends itself. In this way, spring care for your skin becomes not only a physical, but also a mental wellness vacation.

Michael Droste-Laux - Basische Gesichtsmaske hier online kaufenMost people associate relaxation or a stay in a spa with wearing a face mask. Often, that possibility of skin care is still used only by women, but the popularity of this application is also increasing among male members of society. The alkaline face mask with wild rose oil from the company Michael Droste-Laux is ideal for regulating an overtaxed metabolism of the skin on the one hand, and on the other hand for contributing to a feeling of mental well-being.


Ideally equipped for every situation

Spring care for your skin should always be tailored to your individual needs. Depending on your skin type or where you spend most of your time, your skin may require personalized skin care products. Either you already know your skin's preferences - some people intuitively know what's right for the situation in terms of skin care - or you're still in the discovery phase.

In the latter case, it can be helpful to get advice from an expert, especially if your skin is very sensitive. Or you may simply want to try out a few products. With the Fair Squared cotton face mask, you'll be on the safe side, both ecologically and health-wise. By soaking the cloth with your selected face mask, you are able to get to know different variants.

But no matter if you are looking for a face mask, shampoo or sunscreen, you will definitely find what you are looking for at Navoco. In the Navoco store you will find everything you need for the spring care of your skin. Of course, completely without harmful ingredients and produced according to certified organic standards. Navoco offers you numerous products to optimally support your skin in spring, so that you can enjoy the first rays of the sun without any worries. Have fun browsing while nature awakens, your team from Navoco wishes you.