A cool breeze is blowing and the sun is shining: in summer you just want to enjoy your life to the full. In order for your skin to survive this time well, it needs the right skin care, especially sunscreen is essential. In this article we introduce you to all topics concerning Lavera sun cream and co. in detail, so that you can feel the sun's rays on your skin well informed and well equipped.

Sommerpflege für deine Haut - mehr als Sonnencreme

The right skin care: The A and O of every season

PRIMAVERA - Lavendelwasser bio bei Navoco

In the cold winter months your skin dries out very quickly, which is why many people choose care products with a high fat content. Then suddenly the first warmer days come, when you would like to go to the nearest outdoor pool immediately, but you hold back a little because of the cold water temperature. This will give you time to take care of your skin and find the perfect skin care for the summer. Although the sun gives us warmth, good mood and the basis for long swimming pool visits and profound conversations at the lake, its rays are a real challenge for the human skin.

Especially for younger children, whose bodies are still growing, a good sun cream is essential. With a sun protection factor of 50+, the Baby & Kids sun cream from Eco Cosmetics offers outstanding protection against UV radiation. What's more, this natural product is free of synthetic substances, paraffin, genetically manipulated components and everything else that should not get into your body and certainly not that of children. Small water rates are well equipped for their adventures, both in and under water, thanks to the mineral waterproof sunscreen.


How sun cream optimally protects your skin

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The skin is the largest human organ and shields the inside of your body from outside influences. It therefore plays a decisive role in the functioning of a stable immune system. With the right skin care you can support it in its task. Although day care or make-up products usually already contain sun protection, there is really nothing like natural sunscreen that relieves your skin and prevents rapid skin aging. Apart from that, UV rays promote the development of skin cancer. If you have light skin, you should choose a very high sun protection factor. In general, it is recommended that even if you have a darker skin type, you use at least one sun cream with a sun protection factor of 20.

When it comes to skin care, you're not doing anything wrong if you play it safe: after all, nobody likes a painful sunburn. By the way, did you know that sunrays also work through light-coloured clothing? Although they do protect you, using sunscreen for your body is not wrong, even if you don't spend time in an outdoor pool. Speick even offers a real all-rounder: The "Sun" sun cream is suitable as skin care for all skin types. Furthermore, the all around natural sun protection based on zinc oxide is ideal for your face as well as for your body as it contains of course only harmless substances.  However, you should not stay in the sun indefinitely.


Also for sensitive people: Lavera sun cream and Co

lavera - Sensitiv Sonnencreme Anti-Age im Navoco-Shop

As nice as a visit to the outdoor pool is, it not only exposes your skin to the sun, but also to a variety of chemicals used there for disinfection. Although almost every natural sun cream has a certain caring effect at the same time, this is often not enough for sensitive skin because it has special needs. Even the most undemanding facial skin has to cope with the additional sweat and the increased sebum production in summer.

With Lavera Sun Cream there is an efficient solution not only for these people but also for those whose skin reacts very sensitively: Sensitive Sun Cream Anti-Age guarantees immediate protection for your facial skin thanks to mineral UV filters and organically grown coconut and sunflower oil. Lavera Sun Cream is also suitable as skin care for neurodermatitis sufferers and reduces your risk of developing a sun allergy or other skin irritations caused by UV radiation. With Lavera sun cream you can enjoy the summer like everyone else, despite sensitive skin, if you also follow a few rules of conduct.

What else is important for skin care besides sun cream

In addition to avoiding hot showers, which can further dry out your skin in the summer, and an appropriate hydration, you should devote yourself to removing salt or chlorine after a swim in the sea or in a chlorinated swimming pool. The best way to do this is with a natural shower gel or shower lotion. Just as important as the use of Lavera sun cream and the like is a complementary skin care product which, apart from the cleansing effect of a peeling or a face mask, should above all provide your skin with moisture. Unfortunately it loses this moisture very quickly in the hot temperatures and is also happy to cool down accordingly.

Primavera's organic lavender water spray, for example, is a wonderful combination option after using your sun cream. Thanks to its soothing effect, the spray is a real boon, especially if your skin care has not been able to protect you from sunburn. Due to the fact that you can simply spray it over make-up, it is a good idea for every situation in everyday life. Just as effective and caring is Urtekram Aloe Vera Gel, a 100% vegan and animal-free product that supports your skin in its regeneration after sunbathing. The possibilities of how you can put together your skin care in summer really leave nothing to be desired, also with regard to the properties of the respective sun cream.


Don't forget the sunscreen

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Although a well-balanced natural skin care consists of more products than just your favourite sun cream: at least in summer, it still forms the centre of effective protection. Of course you should continue to take care of yourself and give your skin the care it deserves. But the trick is not to lose sight of the good old sun cream, because despite all the necessary and beneficial other care products, it plays an important role in the health of your skin.

In the Navoco shop you will of course find not only Lavera sun cream but also all the other utensils you need to make sure that you and your skin feel good in summer. We at Navoco can highly recommend both Aloe Vera Gel and Lavender Water. But natural sunscreen will also thank your skin for its comfort.

Have fun in the sun,

your Navoco team!


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