It often still stands in the reputation not to taste particularly well and in addition no nutrients to contain, thereby one does with these expressions in the meantime some products wrong. Veganer Aufstrich is in the course of the last years ever more popular as well as more variously become, which makes it a enjoyable alternative in the everyday life.

Veganer Brotaufstrich bei Navoco

The reasons why vegan spread is not only delicious, but also sustainable, in combination with the various ways to enjoy it, can be found in the following article.

The delicious break snack for school: Vegan spread

Allos veganer Brotaufstrich

Younger children and adolescents of all ages face numerous challenges at school. In addition to complex intellectual achievements, they also have to learn to find their place among their peers and to overcome their first social conflicts. On top of this, there is also an abundance of physical changes that, as if nothing else was enough, create additional confusion. Both when you are still in school and when you already have children of your own, it is important to support your body or that of your family members in these challenging everyday situations. This is already very straightforward when preparing your individual break meal.

A vegan spread provides you or your loved ones with delicious ingredients, but it doesn't have to be boring. With the lentil spread Yellow Lens Curry from Allos you will experience a real taste explosion on your bread or roll. A vegan spread like this one, for example, shines on the one hand with its sustainable glass packaging and on the other hand with its harmonious and exotic combination of ingredients. Apart from yellow lentils, you could taste red peppers, carrots, pineapple, ginger, cumin, agave syrup and many other foods.

Vegan spread as a healthy alternative in the classroom

When your brain, or that of your children, is required to perform at its best, the hunger for sweet treats involuntarily sets in, because they promise the required energy in the short term. Unfortunately, very few conventional products are healthy or from sustainable cultivation. The situation is different with the concentrated grape marrow from the LaSelva brand.

A vegan spread that satisfies your desire for sweet foods, but does not contain any additional sugar, sounds too good to be true? You've already given up your search for this miracle of nutrition and think that even a vegan spread from LaSelva has a catch somewhere? Your skepticism is justified because of the many black sheep, but the concentrated marrow of organically grown grapes will take your heart by storm. Because a first vegan spread with no added sugar has now been officially found for you and your – ein veganer Aufstrich macht es möglich

Uncomplicated lunch break at work

A vegan spread should make your life easier and not make it more difficult than it already is in a mostly stressful everyday life. A vegan spread such as Reinhard's rocket salad cherry tomato from Allos conjures up a smile on your face while preparing your healthy midday meal, even in the early morning, even if you are not one of the passionate early risers.

This already starts with the glass, which you can reuse or dispose of in an environmentally friendly way after it is empty. In addition, a brand employee will whet your appetite for later consumption by telling you what makes your vegan spread special, in this case carrots, cherry tomatoes and rocket, among other things. A vegan spread that easily finds its way onto your freshly made rolls is all well and good, but that product can do a bit more. If one day the adventurer in you spontaneously appears and asks for a creative alternative to the ordinary food you usually eat at work at lunchtime, this versatile all-rounder can be used to conjure up the basis for an Italian bruschetta relatively easily.

A vegan spread as trendsetter in the office

Vegane Wurst bei Navoco

Given that you have yet to discover the many flavors of vegan foods, including vegan spreads, it will probably take some time to find the products that will make your heart and stomach beat faster. Our fellow men influence our eating habits by the way substantially, why it is for many much more difficult, particularly in the acclimatization phase to eat vegan, if for example the colleagues swear on hearty products from meat.

But even in this case a silver lining is already emerging on the horizon with "Wie feine Leberwurst" by Tartex. A vegan spread, which offers a hundred percent vegan alternative to conventional spread sausage thanks to its harmoniously balanced spices, will not only make it easier for you to change your diet and satisfy a possibly emerging appetite for hearty food. You may even trigger a rethink among your colleagues with your enthusiasm for your new favorite food, who will follow with interest how your vegan spread is doing in everyday life. If liver sausage is rather not so your case, the enterprise Tartex has besides many further flavours in the assortment, all naturally on excluding vegetable basis.  

Vegan spread and its packaging

Regardless of which vegan spread you end up with, you may not want to limit yourself to just one, most of them are not only available in a variety of tasty variations, but are also packaged in a material that can be recycled and thus protects the environment. A sustainable container also has the advantage that your vegan spread will not absorb harmful substances that are often released from plastic, for example, but much less often from glass, if at all.

With this knowledge in mind, Clostermann Apple Kraut tastes even better in a jar made exclusively from organic apples, especially since this vegan spread is also completely sugar-free. However, the emission of harmful substances does not stop with the container of your spread, unfortunately your delicious food for lunch at school or at work is still in danger, which is why you should inform yourself about the latest sustainable version of the bread box, so that nothing is guaranteed to find its way into your body that does not belong there.

Apfelraut im Navoco-Shop

Vegan spread in combination with an environmentally friendly jar provides you with the nutritious basis for a tasty breaktime snack, of course also for your children or at work. It doesn't matter whether your vegan spread should be rather hearty, exotic or much sweeter, because you will definitely find it here at Navoco. Browse to your heart's content in the Navoco store to find your favorite.

The Navoco team wishes you lots of fun!