Vinegar - it must not be missing in any kitchen, although a large number of people favor one or certain varieties. Be it in the form of balsamic vinegar, condimento bianco, apple cider vinegar or one of the countless other variants.

Vinegar - wonderful variety

You have probably already made the acquaintance of balsamic vinegar, as it has already established itself in many cases as a fixed component of the daily cooking routine. In the following article you will learn where vinegar comes from and what it is made of, as well as what distinguishes variations such as apple cider vinegar or Condimento Bianco.

Ingredients of balsamic vinegar and co

NATURATA - Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP

In terms of vinegar, there are numerous differences, depending on how the corresponding product has been produced and what raw materials have been used as a starting point. Especially the latter are extremely diverse. For example, you can find figs, barley, grapes or wine, potatoes, sugar cane, apples, pears, strawberries, rice, honey and many other products in the ingredients of the various vinegars. As a rule, vinegar as you know it is produced during a fermentation process.

The ingredients as well as the production of balsamic vinegar are therefore different from those of, for example, apple cider vinegar or Condimento Bianco. The Italian Aceto Balsamico is considered the "king among vinegars". Naturata's Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP not only follows a centuries-old tradition in its production, but it also contains only grapes grown on Demeter farms. Through years of aging, it acquires an unmistakable character that has delighted people for generations.

Organic certificate for apple cider vinegar and other products

Just as with balsamic vinegar, it is also important for Condimento Bianco - which is made from white grapes and white wine vinegar - and apple cider vinegar, which among other things has an antibacterial effect, to ensure cultivation without chemicals. For this reason, the raw materials come from agriculture of, for example, Demeter farms. It is also important that the production and processing take place in harmony with nature. All brands, including Naturata, LaSelva and Byodo, which you can find in the Navoco store, do not contain any harmful additives.

The origin of the different variants

If you are interested in the peculiarities of balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, condimento bianco and other products, you are joining a tradition that goes back very far in time. For even the ancient Persians, Romans, Greeks and Egyptians used vinegar in their daily lives. But also in the Middle Ages, for example, herbal vinegar was very popular. However, there are regional differences.

BYODO - Granatapfel Balsam im Navoco-ShopThe fine apple cider vinegar with pomegranate juice concentrate from Byodo is traditionally at home in North African cuisine. With the pomegranate balsam you refine but not only delicious couscous. A real insider tip with which you can score at the next family reunion is the use in game dishes, which are also known in this country for generations. Of course, the apple cider vinegar is completely natural, so you don't have to worry about recommending it to others.

Apple cider vinegar and Condimento Bianco as alternatives

In this day and age, there is an extensive selection of outstanding vinegars. If you don't want to experiment (only) with the classic Italian balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar is one of them. Or maybe you like it more in the style of a traditional balsamic vinegar or have a preference for grapes? Especially in summer, when salads are a must at every meal, you can enrich your diet with Condimento Bianco.

The Condimento Bianco from the LaSelva company is a rather mild vinegar in terms of acidity. Of course, both the white wine vinegar and the concentrated grape must come from certified organic farming. In a salad dressing you will notice the note of the light condimento through a harmonizing influence in the taste. In addition, the Condimento Bianco is in a practical 500 milliliter bottle, so you are well supplied for a long time.

Areas of application of different types of vinegar

Each person is different and is characterized by a unique taste. This fact also explains why a variety of dishes can be conjured up with balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, condimento bianco and other vinegar varieties.

Especially in summer, but also in winter temperatures, many want a touch of berry flavor in their food. You can achieve this, for example, with the raspberry vinegar of the brand Byodo. It is not only suitable for refining light salads, but also adds that certain something to traditional home cooking.

The right balsamic vinegar and co for every taste

BYODO - Lemon Balsam bei Navoco kaufen

Although the Italian Aceto Balsamico is considered the classic par excellence, there are many additional alternatives open to you if you want to expand your culinary horizons. Perhaps you're thinking about how to surprise your friends at a birthday party, or you've always wanted to try an extravagant dish? Maybe you don't like large-scale experiments in the kitchen, in which case you can simply refine a proven composition with the vinegar of your choice.

Both the Lemon Balsam with 5% acidity and the Honey Balsam with 5% acidity - both are available, for example, from the company Byodo - promise to bring new life to your cooking evenings or your everyday diet. The honey balsam is based, among other things, on local organic blossom honey, which makes it a real insider tip for connoisseurs, not only in terms of taste. Also by its consistency, which you can feel thanks to your tongue, this vinegar stands out, especially in the cold season. In summer, on the other hand, you can achieve a fresh and fruity note with Lemon Balsam. The apple cider vinegar with delicious organic lemons as an ingredient, not only makes salads and vegetables, but also bright sauces a good figure. On particularly hot days, you can also spice up any glass of water with a splash of Lemon Balsam.

No matter whether you are the classic type and love Italian Aceto Balsamico or prefer to cook with apple cider vinegar or Condimento Bianco - here at Navoco you will find everything you need for a successful meal with vinegar. Due to its diverse compositions, there is guaranteed to be the right vinegar for you in the Navoco store - whether as raspberry vinegar or as lemon or honey balsamic. It doesn't matter if you want to try it out or if you already know exactly what you want. In any case, the cooking experience that follows will end with a dish that is enchanting in taste. Your team from Navoco wishes you a lot of fun with the preparation.