Christmas presents are very easy to find in our Navoco-Shop! But also for men? We can reassure you - in this article we have taken a stroll through our assortment of men's grooming products and show you some wonderful gifts for well-groomed men!

Well-groomed men - Men Care

Especially for the man

In the past, there was often an exception in facial care, men were not really considered in favor of women for a long time. In the meantime, however, a lot has changed in this respect, so that comprehensive men's care, which is tailored to the special needs of a male body, can already be considered an integral part of any product range. In the meantime, an ever stronger trend can be observed, among others in face creams: Men are increasingly attaching importance to organically certified products as well. In the following article, we therefore present all the aspects you need for sustainable men's care, using examples.

Men care without aluminum

Urtekram - Men deo Baobab bei Navoco

Not only in terms of facial care: Men in general have an equally high level of awareness in contemporary society of issues such as fair working conditions in the manufacture of relevant products, leaving a positive ecological footprint and avoiding chemical additives in products such as face cream that are potentially harmful to their health. However, men also use other cosmetics, including deodorant and shower gel, which unfortunately may contain all kinds of ingredients that do not belong in companies that are not certified according to the relevant quality standards.

Clean thing

To make sure that you do not come into contact with those dubious additives in your daily men's care, above all Deos Aluminium, for example, it is worth focusing on brands that pay particular attention to quality. A large number of these companies have a comprehensive range of products and are not only concerned with high quality, but also with fair and sustainable production. In addition to Urtekram, Bioturm, Benecos, Martina Gebhardt and Sante, you will find numerous other manufacturers in the Navoco Shop who want to make the Lords of Creation happy. If you have to cope with a challenging everyday life, but still want to take care of yourself naturally, the Men Deo Baobab Aloe Vera of the Urtekram brand, for example, is suitable for calming your skin on the one hand and on the other hand, thanks to the juniper berries with a masculine scent, to have everything under control.

Comprehensive face care, men watch out

Bioturm - Rasiercreme im Navoco-ShopHowever, before you do something good for yourself and your body after a relaxing shower with a natural deodorant, depending on which style you prefer, sometimes more often or sometimes less often the subject of shaving comes up. Maybe this has always been one of your favorite care measures, but you just haven't found the ideal product for you yet? Or maybe you have to deal with skin irritations and shaving burns in connection with shaving, which unfortunately makes the whole process very unpleasant for you?


In principle, every skin, regardless of whether it is basically rather sensitive or hard-wearing, needs a suitable face cream. Men therefore prefer to use products that are suitable for wet shaving. If you would like to combine the soothing or regenerating effect of aloe vera with the gentle glide of your razor blade, the Bioturm brand offers you a very mild shaving cream that is suitable for all skin types.


Face cream - Men after shaving

Nach der Rasur ist bekanntlich vor der Rasur. Allerdings ist nicht nur die tägliche Gesichtspflege, Männer und Frauen unterscheiden sich in dem nachfolgenden Aspekt übrigens kein bisschen, ein Faktor, der selbst die widerstandsfähigste Haut aus dem Gleichgewicht bringen kann. Auch das Reinigen mit Wasser beziehungsweise das Vorkommen von Regen oder ein Spaziergang bei Wind und Wetter macht sich irgendwann bei einer mangelnden Pflege deines größten Organs, der Haut, bemerkbar, indem sie vor allem Reizungen aufweist sowie aufgrund von Trockenheit rissig wird. Mit dem Face & After Shave Balm aus dem Hause der Firma Benecos hast du dank zertifizierter Inhaltsstoffe ein Produkt zur Hand, dass deine Männerhaut optimal mit den Wirkstoffen aus Aloe Vera, Eisenkrauthydrolat und Bisabolol pflegt.


Tradition-conscious face cream: Men on a journey through time

For a men's care of the special kind the enterprise Martina Gebhardt makes itself with the Wild Utah Face Lotion and numerous further products of the respective series for men the knowledge of the North American Indians around various welfare herbs to use. Although there was no traditional face cream at that time, men have always had different needs due to their physicality than women. The products certified with the Demeter Organic Seal take this fact into account. Through the increased proportion of herbs with healing properties you not only create a symbolic connection to the Native Americans, but also support your skin's defense against harmful environmental influences, for example in the form of free radicals. To ensure that you don't spend more time than necessary in the bath, the lotion is quickly absorbed, leaving an invigorating feeling on your body despite everything.

The all-rounders in men's care: Shower gel for a challenging everyday life

You don't know where your head is at the moment because of your professional or private obligations? The day with its 24 hours simply does not offer you enough space to free up even the slightest additional minutes for relaxation, during which you can relax your nervous system a little? The only thing you need now is a chaos in the shower with various care products, because at least you could use this action to take a breath, even if only for a short time. Especially in a busy everyday life it is important to minimize other stress factors as far as possible so that you can do justice to yourself and your loved ones.

Gentle cleaning

Sante - Homme II Duschgel online kaufen

With Sante Homme II Body and Hair shower gel, you may not have the solution to all your problems, but at least you won't have to deal with the mess in the bathroom anymore, because with one touch you'll have everything you need for comprehensive men's care at your fingertips. The extracts of organic caffeine and organic acai will not only give you a soothing shower experience for your senses due to their unmistakable scent, but they also contribute to a gentle cleansing of skin and hair without burdening your body with additional chemical ingredients. Afterwards, thanks to a brief moment in your self-created oasis of calm, you can devote yourself to your challenges in a revitalized way.

In the meantime, it has also arrived in the organic sector and has its firm place there, sustainable men's care. Facial care - men and women alike now attach equal importance to it - can be found in abundance in the Navoco Shop. We at Navoco are pleased about your interest in face cream - men, women or children, each has their own needs. Your Navoco team wishes you a relaxed search for relaxing skin care products.