Salt is largely responsible for the human body functioning without problems, but it is well known that the dose makes the poison, which is why even a kitchen that is too salty can be quite bad for your health. This is where Adios salt comes in as a vegetable-based salt alternative.

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A large number of people eat a low-salt diet for a variety of reasons, but many become aware that salt is an important flavor carrier, especially during the transition phase. The Sonnentor company is aware of this fact and thanks to its Adios Salt, it provides a healthy salt alternative in several variations, which will be discussed in more detail in the following article.


The story of Adios Salt and Sonnnetor

Sonnentor - Adios Salz! Gemüsemischung Salz-Alternative

The Sonnentor brand was founded in Austria, where it has always been committed to the sustainable production of certified organic products, including various tea blends, as well as various spices and seasoning blends such as Adios Salt. The gentle processing of the herbs and spices contributes to the outstanding aroma, as does the fact that no chemical additives are added to Sonnentor products, which can classically include preservatives.

Adios salt - seasoning instead of salt

In the cultivation of the corresponding plants, which are then processed into Adios salt substitutes, the brand attaches great importance to the creation of permanently good working conditions directly on site with the respective organic farmers. The Sonnentor company has enjoyed an excellent reputation for years, not only for its Adios Salt, but also for the entire range of products. Due to the established situation on the market, you can therefore already assume that Sonnentor products not only stand for quality, but also have a social mission, which makes the Adios salt taste even better.

Adios salt: A feeling of home

Salz-Alternative - ein Fegühl von Heimat

A cozy evening with friends or the annual meeting with the family is often combined with a sumptuous meal, where you can chat and enjoy the regional cuisine in peace and quiet. In order to do your health good with the gradual reduction of salt during cooking, or to enjoy a constant low-salt creative cooking experience in the long run, not only in the preparation but also in the subsequent feasting, the spice mixtures of the Sonnentor company are a great alternative for you, since they offer not only numerous herbs but also a wide variety of vegetables.

The all-rounder Adios salt

In the "Adios salt spice mixture garden vegetables" from the house Sonnentor occurs thereby exclusively salt, which is to be led back on the natural presence of sodium. With this all-rounder you can, for example, refine your parents' favorite dish as well as the favorite food of your best friend. The yellowish Adios salt contains over sixty percent vegetables, which makes it particularly suitable for classic regional dishes. With parsley, carrot, tomato, paprika, onion, wild garlic, turmeric and numerous other ingredients, you can add the finishing touch to your dish. The combination of a subtle salty aroma and a sweetish undertone will delight your guests.

Italian attitude to life with Adios salt

Maybe you are one of those people who want to get in the mood for their next vacation with a certain dish. Or maybe you are preparing your favorite dish as a substitute for a visit to a foreign country, because it is not possible for professional or private reasons. A vacation destination that regularly makes the hearts of many people beat faster is Italy, and what do you associate in most cases with the so-called "Bella Italia"? The pleasures of a full-bodied, tasty Italian cuisine. Assuming that before reducing your salt consumption you used it to give your pizza, pasta and co. the finishing touch, you will most likely be missing something important in your kitchen without the use of Adios salt.

Feel the Italian sun through adios salt

Salz-Alternative - Adios Salz Ersatz aus Gemüse

The spice mixture "Adios Salt Vegetable Mix Mediterranean" of the brand Sonnentor brings back all the passion of the Italian people, which is reflected in their recipes, to your home cooking island. Of course, the ingredients used, such as basil, tomatoes, oregano, carrots, thyme, rosemary, peppers and many more, all come from producers certified as organic.

Furthermore, the fact that the packaging of the Adios Salt is fully compostable once you have used up the spice mixture underlines the sustainable idea behind a low-salt lifestyle in general and that of the Sonnentor company in particular. Besides classic dishes like lasagne, pasta of all kinds or pizza, this product is also suitable if you want to liven up a salad accordingly, whereby this Adios Salt has a subliminal pungency that makes it, and your cooking skills, something very special.

Much more than a salt alternative thanks to Adios Salz

Pure salt often completes a dish, but with Adios salt you not only add the finishing touch with a single flavor component, but you create a complex universe of aromas, which your taste buds will enjoy exploring. In view of the fact that nowadays there are many products in circulation that contain chemical additives, you are on the safe side with an Adios salt from Sonnentor. The company, which is well established on the market, consistently applies its claim to exclusively natural and sustainable ingredients also to the variants of Adios Salt.

Abstaining from salt - seasoning instead of salting


At the beginning, giving up salt may have seemed like a loss, but at the latest with the discovery of Adios salt and the world of spice mixtures, you will realize that your horizon could broaden instead if you engage in a low-salt pleasure. Your friends and family, and especially yourself, will notice how versatile and aromatic it is to cook with naturally occurring sodium. By doing so, you will transform the previous salting process that concludes the cooking process into an act of seasoning that has an even greater effect. Thanks to the eco-friendly packaging and the herbs and vegetables used, your body can easily begin to adapt to a diet without a high level of salt, without compromising the taste of your favorite dish.

Most people make the decision to eat a low-salt diet quite consciously. We at Navoco support you in rediscovering the world of food by offering you Adios Salt and invite you to enjoy cooking experiments. Let us surprise you with what Adios Salt is capable of - along the way, you will become more and more accustomed to your new diet. Have fun browsing through the Navoco store and "Bon Appetit" wishes you the best of luck!