Delicious tomato sauces in all variations and tomato specialties in jars are the highlight of Italian cuisine. On pizza and with pasta they give the favorite dishes the right touch. Delicately spicy and with an excellent fruity note, tomato passata, tomato sauces such as those from LaSelva, BYODO, Naturata and Zwergenwiese will convince even the most demanding palate.

Tomatoes in jar buy at Navoco

The fine world of tomato sauces

Sauces made from fresh tomatoes taste incomparably delicious and their texture and seasoning are an excellent match for pasta dishes. Making tomato sauces yourself involves a lot of effort. The selection of sun-ripened tomatoes in organic quality, the professional, gentle heating, skinning and subsequent straining are time-consuming. Gourmets therefore rely on tomato passata and tomato sauces and tomato specialties in jars, such as the offerings from Naturata. The special advantage: Here, taste and quality are right. The variety of the selection makes you want more recipes, because of course the tomato sauces also taste good with vegetables and meat.

Tomato specialties in jar from Navoco Shop

LaSelva - Tomatensauce klassisch bei Navoco

LaSelva knows how to do it and brings Tuscany to the home table. Whether dinner, dinner with friends, children's birthday party or barbecue, the tomato sauce with artichokes enriches every occasion. The added olive oil is a healthy carrier for the fine coordination of Mediterranean spices and therefore also tastes good with toasted bread. Those who like it really smart will be happy with the tomato sauce with capers. As a specialty from the house LaSelva, the tomato specialties in a jar taste especially delicious. Especially children love a large portion of French fries with ketchup. If you pay attention to quality here, you ensure that extra portion of tomatoes on the plate. After all, there is also ketchup made from tomatoes in organic quality. Even the little ones can taste this and thus train their palate for high-quality food in organic quality.

Organic canned tomatoes and organic tomato sauces for big and small

Sooner or later, the taste of organic tomatoes reaches every gourmet. Fresh tomatoes can only be stored for a short time. Fortunately, there are organic canned tomatoes and tomato specialties in jars. In the store cupboard, families in particular have to be very careful that there is always enough choice in the house. Once the kids have discovered the Zwergenwiese dwarf sauce or have a taste for LaSelva Kids Tomato Sauce, it's clear what their favorite dishes will be. Above all, a lot of sauce must be on the plate, either in the form of organic canned tomatoes or as tomato sauces in jars. The great advantage is that the sauces only need to be heated and the tasty meal is ready. BYODA has also mastered this high art of production. With its tomato specialties, the brand manufacturer supplies a variety of sauces for everyday use or for special occasions.

Enjoy variety - tomato passata in different flavors

NATURATA - Tomaten Passata im Navoco-Shop kaufen

Tomato passata are strained tomatoes. Optionally, they are available as a raw mass, but they taste much more exciting in different seasonings. Quality companies fall back on their proven recipes, because this way each spice fits exactly to the intended dish. Of course, olive oil and basil must not be missing. This is exactly why the pesto from the Navoco Shop is a real insider tip. The tomato pesto made from dried tomatoes shines with cashew nuts folded in. An idea that is increasingly gaining acceptance in vegetarian cuisine and gives the pesto a crunchy consistency. Now select the matching pasta and the delicious pasta dish is ready. A tip: Fresh basil leaves give the dish an extra zing. After all, the eye eats with you. For dessert, the Navoco Shop also has the right offer. This is how enjoyment works today!

Diced tomatoes for pizza and pasta

Passed tomatoes are great. As a soup or sauce, they turn out particularly creamy, are easy to season and adhere perfectly to pasta. But sophisticated cuisine needs more, and that includes diced and dried tomatoes. LaSelva offers chunky tomatoes that have been gently pasteurized. As tomatoes in a jar, they have a particularly long shelf life. Of course, the tomatoes are peeled and therefore the best choice for sensitive or particularly demanding gourmets. Chunky tomatoes are suitable for pasta dishes, but also for pizza. They are especially recommended for pizza magherita, because here the focus is on the tomatoes. By the way, this also applies to the topping in combination with mozzarella. Here the chunky tomatoes from LaSelva show what they can do.

Dried tomatoes - the buffet is open

Friends of Mediterranean cuisine know how fine dried tomatoes taste. They are spicy with an intense tomato flavor. Pickled in olive oil, they are made for anti pasti or as a garnish for the various dishes. At the barbecue or a particularly nice dinner, dried tomatoes must also not be missing. Cut into small pieces, as a snack, with toasted bread and vegetables, they are a guarantee for a successful evening. Of course, they are also easy to process and bring intense tomato flavor to any dish.

Always pay attention to quality with tomatoes

Zwergenwiese - Tomaten Ketchup

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and healthy. As fresh vegetables, they are not even expensive, but this is exactly what should not hide the lack of ingredients. Only tomatoes in organic quality are rich in content. And only rich tomatoes develop their full, sun-ripened flavor. That is why fresh tomatoes are not very convincing in winter. With tomato specialties in a jar, the need in the cold season can be wonderfully covered. Tomatoes in organic quality are harvested at the right time, gently processed, seasoned to fit and preserved. This is especially important for everyday products, such as tomato ketchup. The slightly sweet taste of the tomatoes should give the ketchup its typical flavor. Organic products therefore do not need sugar. That's why parents are better off with ketchup from the Navoco store. The full tomato flavor is still there, but not from flavor enhancers or industrially produced seasoning, but thanks to the sun-fresh tomatoes. That is why the brand manufacturers can also do without thickeners. Artificial intervention is not necessary if the quality of the tomatoes is right.

The vegan kitchen loves tomatoes

Vegetarians, vegans and all those who want to become one will find a healthy and tasty basis in the fine tomato specialties. Together with selected vegetables, this creates a nimble meal that is balanced, healthy, low in calories and tasty. The highlight: The dishes are quick to prepare, easy to heat up and are suitable for meals when time is of the essence. Eating a snack in the evening? Dishes with tomatoes are perfect because they don't weigh you down. No wonder that tomatoes are part of everyday life for most gourmets and can not be missing on special occasions.