It is no secret that a healthy and balanced diet influences not only physical, but also mental well-being. However, the choice of the appropriate food packaging also plays a role in this...

alternative food packaging

...because this should meet even the highest demands. For this reason, many people are looking for an alternative, aluminum foil, for example, is not always suitable. You can find out which food packaging is particularly well suited to your needs in the following article, among others.


A timeless food packaging - the lunch box

Brotbox und Brotdosen bei Navoco online kaufen

Most people first come into contact with this form of food packaging when they are at school or perhaps already in kindergarten, with parents often being the driving force behind it. However, conventionally manufactured lunch boxes are not necessarily considered environmentally friendly packaging, as they contain plastic in a large number of cases. In addition, that material has been criticized for releasing harmful ingredients into your food.

Both if you're still in school and if you're already working, it's still important to find an innovative alternative, not including aluminum foil, that doesn't have a potentially negative effect on your health and also provides enough space for a tasty, nutritious snack. With a bread box from the brand ajaa! you are guaranteed to be on the safe side, because the Nana bread box in the color blue not only has a positive CO2 footprint, but as environmentally friendly packaging is also fully recyclable. The fact that you do not expose yourself to any danger to your physical integrity with its use is just as self-evident as the availability in the color accents orange and pink.

Suitable for any occasion: The environmentally friendly packaging with style.

Even if you handle food in your own four walls, you need food packaging from time to time, so that, for example, the contents of the started rice or pasta package can be safely stored. Surely you also know that you have overestimated the amount of prepared meal, especially on occasions when you had some visitors in the house. Even for this, the use of the natural box Lime of the company ajaa! is conceivable. In addition to its visually appealing appearance, which makes it an ideal addition to any household, this food packaging comes with one hundred percent natural ingredients made exclusively from sugar cane and minerals. Furthermore, it is a real alternative for use in the refrigerator or freezer: you no longer need aluminum foil.

The innovative alternative: aluminum foil does not have to be

Compostella - Kompostierbare Alternativen

It is a popular food packaging whose lovers, however, increasingly find themselves looking for an alternative - aluminum foil is generally very practical and versatile, but also rather questionable in several respects. Especially if you don't want to expose yourself to too high a concentration of the metal aluminum, it makes sense to look for an alternative aluminum foil. Possibly you are now thinking that the whole thing is all well and good, but there are no other options that work similarly as well as do not have any adverse effects. However, in recent times, the options for aluminum-free food packaging are becoming visibly more numerous.

An alternative aluminum foil thanks to bees and paper

An environmentally friendly packaging that can also be used multiple times, Compostella brand compostable natural paper bags are a type of food packaging that is ideal for freezing dry foods as well as heating them in the microwave. Made from unbleached cellulose, these true all-rounders are therefore not only ideal for use as healthy breakfast bags, but have no varnish, coating or impregnation that could transfer their contents to your food. Once you no longer want or can use the bags, which come in a variety of sizes, the eco-friendly packaging will be part of your garden compost pile within a maximum of two weeks, though the exact amount of time depends a bit on local conditions.

Bienenwachstuch im Navoco-Shop kaufenAnother alternative aluminum foil, which stands out with its natural beeswax and cloths made of cotton in organic quality, is for example the beeswax cloth set of 3 from the company Bee's Wrap. The environmentally friendly packaging is as reusable as it is washable, and in addition to its sustainability, it stands out above all for its hygiene. Thanks to the different sizes, this food wrap is the ideal option if you want to wrap your lunch, but it's also great for covering your pots or bowls. Handling the alternative to aluminum foil is also very simple and uncomplicated, as you only have to take the beeswax cloth in your hand, use your body heat to make the material pliable and then place the environmentally friendly packaging precisely.


Environmentally friendly packaging also for a refreshing drink

Soulbottles - Glasflasche Hüterin der Quelle

Healthy food packaging starts with your delicious meal, but it doesn't have to stop there. Due to the fact that many drinking bottles today are still made of materials that are suspected of emitting harmful substances, the thirsty person at your meal will definitely thank you for a bottle that is free of BPA and other chemical additives.

There are now drinking bottles made of glass, which, similar to alternative aluminum foil, are often even produced directly in Germany and have a long life with the appropriate care. The selection is very large, so you can choose at will the environmentally friendly packaging for your drink that you like. For example, with the glass bottle Guardian of the Source from the company Soulbottles, thanks to the detailed motif, you get the necessary rest in your stressful workday and also ensures a sufficient supply of your body with water at the same time. If you like it more colorful, you can take the soccer bottle from the Emil company with the lovingly designed bottle bag to your daily sports program or give it to the generation after you.


In the Navoco store, there is a wide selection if you are interested in food packaging that should under no circumstances give off any harmful substances to your meals or your drinks. Take ample time to browse, because you probably won't get enough of the topic of alternative aluminum foil, nor of the options that exist for eco-friendly packaging. If at some point there is no more food packaging left because all the products meet with your enthusiastic approval, you will then know exactly how diverse the range is in this area. In this sense, the Navoco team wishes you a lot of fun with packaging!