Everybody knows them, because we were, or are, all of us at some time or another in school: The bread box is still part of the daily routine of many pupils as a food packaging. But even at work, most people still like to carry a bread box with them to keep their healthy food fresh and safe.

The lunch box - sustainable and timeless

In the following article you will learn what other sustainable food packaging options are available in addition to the bread box or bread tin and why you should pay close attention to the respective ingredients of your product.


Back to school with the classic: The bread box

ajaa! - Nana Brotbox im Navoco Shop

After the end of the summer holidays, a not inconsiderable number of people in our population have to unpack the bread tin again. Already their parents used the bread box as a storage medium for the healthy snack from home. It doesn't matter whether you are still at school yourself, perhaps even in the course of vocational training, are enrolled at university or already have children of your own, because the first thing you look for after your summer break is almost always the Bread Box, which has now also found its way into academic institutions and working life in general. After all, you can only think half as well without a nutritious treat.

Despite all the good intentions and its wonderful reusability, the conventional bread box has one major shortcoming: it is made of plastic, which unfortunately often releases harmful substances into the environment. So that these do not end up in your food, the brand Ajaa! has found a remedy with its stylish Nana Breadbox Blue, because it is a food packaging made of bioplastics. It is based on sugar cane leftovers, so you can now bite into your delicious bread without worrying.

The wise choice for food packaging

There are more than enough idioms that address the importance of healthy eating, but surprisingly few, if any, that explicitly refer to their storage containers. Food packaging, which incidentally includes your drinks - you can find more about this in the article on Navoco water bottles - is actually just as important as the food itself. You should be very picky, because the contents of the bread can or bread box and co. may be added to your nutritious sandwich, your beloved Gouda bread roll or the chocolate croissant that you treat yourself to once a week. The bottom line is that these potentially harmful materials end up in your body and that's where they really don't belong any more than in your food.

You think you lack the alternatives because a bread box is not your thing? Even for a food packaging such as aluminium foil, a harmless substitute can be found quickly: The beeswax cloth set of 3 from Bee's Wrap is not only made from natural raw materials, but is also environmentally friendly. With the reusable and after repeated use compostable wax tissues all parties involved win: Nature is protected and you will enjoy your sustainable food packaging for a long time.

Brotbox für Sandwiches

The appearance of a bread tin also counts

You remember your bread box from school with a shiver, or would you prefer to dispose of this object today because it simply does not fit your personality at all? Your current bread box does not embody at all what you want to represent at work or in class? Fortunately, the design of a good bread box has also arrived in the 21st century.

The colour is certainly the most eye-catching, as it is the quickest and most uncomplicated way to make a statement, possibly a gaudy one. Ajaa! has the right bread box for everyone, because of course their products are available in different colours. Underline with the Nana bread box Lime for example your ecological awareness or maybe just your green thumb. Let the bird of paradise or the playful girl in you hang out with the Nana Bread Box Pink. Although an appropriate appearance is important, inner values still play a role in today's world, so next week we will inform you about vegan spreads so that your breadbox experience is not only harmonious on the outside, but also on the inside.

The bread box as an unconventional family heirloom?

Brotdose Edelstahl bei NavocoA bread box is often associated with numerous memories, mostly the feeling of exuberant camaraderie and relaxed and adventurous hours with good friends. Who actually says that you can't pass on a food package in the family? Due to its large capacity of 0.8 liters, the stainless steel lunch box from Memo is also suitable for long afternoons during which you should always have enough to eat on the road, and as a bread box it is almost indestructible. So there's absolutely nothing to be said against passing on your bread box to the next generation within the family as well as the classic souvenirs, especially if it's a sustainable item that you can always use.


Why bread tins and co never go out of fashion

Kompostierbare Verpackung

Even if there will not be a bread box in the distant future, the food packaging that could replace it has already been invented: The Compostella company has developed compostable natural paper bags that you can use as breakfast bags, but also as baking bags for heating snacks or even as freezer bags. Nevertheless, it will be difficult to completely displace the bread box from our society, because it somehow simply belongs to it. As long as there are sustainable and healthy alternatives to conventional plastic products, the diversity of Brotbox and Co. is ultimately only to be welcomed, because not only the Brotbox junkies will get their money's worth, but also the fans of every imaginable environmentally friendly food packaging. Some things, although they are of course constantly being improved, are timeless - just like the good old bread box.


Now if you've been thinking boiling hot that you don't have a Bread Box for you or your kids for the time after the summer holidays, don't worry. We at Navoco have put together a sustainable yet visually appealing selection for you. In addition, you can find just about any other food packaging you can imagine in the Navoco shop, besides bread boxes and co. Should your bread box break at some point, you'll know where you can get a refill. In this sense, we at Navoco wish you lots of fun while browsing.