Conventional chocolate spreads and nut nougat creams often contain ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment. In addition, they contain not only far too much sugar and animal ingredients, but also large amounts of palm oil.

You can read about the problems of palm oil here (hyperlink to the palm oil article).

NAVOCO therefore presents you with a healthy and environmentally friendly recipe for making your own organic chocolate spread. Have fun trying it out!



The hazelnuts must be baked in the oven for approx. 10 minutes (170 °C top and bottom heat). Caution: The nuts must not become too brown. By rubbing the nuts between your own palms, you can easily remove the brown cuticles.

The nuts must now be ground small in a mixer. Portion them and make sure your blender does not overheat.

The hazelnut paste only needs to be mixed with the other ingredients until a spreadable cream is obtained.

Your homemade organic chocolate spread only needs to be filled into a clean screw glass and that's it!

If you store your chocolate spread in the fridge, it should keep for at least 1 month. In general, what looks good, smells good and still tastes good does not have to end up in the garbage!

Enjoy your meal!