energy bars are especially popular with amateur athletes. However, most conventional bars cannot do without artificial additives. If you want it to be particularly healthy, you should simply buy your organic quality energy bars yourself. to make it!

NAVOCO presents you a super simple recipe for delicious organic energy bars:



Just put all the ingredients together in a blender. Now all you have to do is mix until you get a soft, sticky mass. Carefully loosen the mixture between mixing processes with a spoon from time to time. It is best to disconnect the mixer from the power before, so that nothing and nobody can get damaged.

If the mass is not sticky enough at the end, just add dates until the mass holds together nicely.

Now you can carefully shape bars or balls from the mass. Carefully sprinkle all sides of your bars with the coke shavings and press them lightly to the mixture with a spoon if necessary.

Your homemade organic energy hedgehogs are ready! Stored in the refrigerator, the bars last even longer!

Much fun and enjoy your meal!