Preparation: approx. 2 1/2 hours

Industrially made ice contains many chemical-synthetic ingredients that our bodies would rather do without:

    Binders, emulsifiers and stabilizers that ensure the creamy consistency in industrially produced ice cream and, for example, prevent the fat contained from separating from the water. Any amount of sugar! Especially refined sugar. Minerals have been removed from it, so that the sugar tries to restore the natural weight of minerals on ingestion, thereby depriving the body of minerals.

    Many saturated fatty acids from cream.

Self-made ice cream can be at least as delicious (if not much tastier!) as industrial ice cream. But there are some things you have to pay attention to!

Ice gets its creamy consistency from the fact that the contained ice crystals are so small that we cannot feel them and they dissolve immediately.

Therefore the ice mass has to freeze while being stirred, which makes an ice machine easy to use.

How you can make your own ice cream without an ice machine is explained here:



    Puree the cashewm together with maple syrup, almond drink, walnut oil and vanilla extract in a blender. Place the mixture in a large bowl in the freezer for about 90 minutes. Then remove and stir vigorously. Put the bowl back in the freezer and repeat this procedure 2-3 times at shorter intervals.
  • Circa 10 minutes before the end of the stirring time from step 2, add the chopped walnut kernels to the ice cream.

You can now garnish your homemade ice cream with a piece of vegan dark chocolate and it's ready to serve! Enjoy your meal!