When it comes to coffee or tea the spirits often argue. Most of us drink at least one of them regularly - but where does our coffee or tea come from? And under what conditions are they cultivated, harvested and processed?

Farmers often have to work under very poor conditions in the production of conventional products. They usually receive far too low wages to feed themselves and their families. In addition, farmers must treat their plants with poisonous substances that endanger their own health.

The Fairtrade label stands up to these terrible circumstances. The workers are to be paid a higher and, above all, more secure wage. Choosing a Fairtrade product therefore supports fair treatment of workers in poorer countries.

Fair coffee also tastes particularly good, for example the coffee from Mount Hagen, Herbaria or Gepa. Also the teas of Cha Dô or Yogi Tea convince not only by their good taste but also by their sustainability!

NAVOCO is committed to fair produced goods, if you want to support us, just have a look at our large selection of Fairtrade products!

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