Natural & environmentally friendly Avoid plastic and care for your hair

Shampoo is so common in everyday use that it is almost impossible to realize how environmentally harmful and harmful this product can be to health. We want to introduce you to an environmentally friendly and natural shampoo alternative, which will certainly soon be part of your everyday life: Aleppo Hair Soap from FINIgrana!

Hair soap - a real natural product with many advantages

Synthetic vs. natural tensides

Tensides clean shampoos and hair soaps. Many conventional shampoos contain synthetic tensides, which can even be produced from petroleum. The natural tensides in our Aleppo Hair Soap, on the other hand, are produced by saponifying the best olive and laurel oils and are broken down naturally again.

Silicone does not belong in hair care

Many shampoo manufacturers use silicones to create a silky shine after shampooing. These substances have not yet been sufficiently researched for health and the environment. What is certain, however, is that silicones can accumulate in water and are difficult to biodegrade. We therefore think that silicones do not belong in the hair and in the environment. Aleppo hair soap does not come into contact with such substances during its natural production.

Traditional production

organic-carawayThe original recipe of the well-known soaps from Aleppo comes - as the name already suggests - from the area around the Syrian city of Aleppo and probably dates back to the eighth century AD. In the meantime the soap is not only produced in the direct vicinity of Aleppo, but also in south-eastern areas of Turkey. However, nothing has changed in the traditional production and the consistently natural ingredients.

The Aleppo soaps are cooked in large vats, provided with various traditional oils and then matured for up to nine months. The finished product then comes xyz certified to your home.

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Avoid plastic waste

A piece of Aleppo Hair Soap can be as productive as three bottles of conventional shampoo. The advantage of this environmentally friendly shampoo alternative is obvious. Calculate how many plastic bottles you could save alone over the year, how many your whole family or circle of friends could save ... It's a lot. We don't want to talk about the savings potential for the whole of Germany!


Plastic wasteIn any case, your savings will result in a lot less plastic and thus also massively less resulting microplastic, which would result from the slow disintegration of the bottles. This microplastic is already unnoticed and present in rough masses. Our waters, the valuable drinking water and our bodies now contain measurable microplastics - a substance that certainly does not belong there.

"The WWF indicates the average amount of microplastics a person consumes per week at up to 5 grams. 5 grams of plastic are equivalent to the weight of a credit card."

A catastrophe that we must fight with all means. The only way is to put as little new plastic into circulation as possible. So do without shampoo in plastic bottles and choose an environmentally friendly shampoo alternative.

Hair soap in daily use - tip

A rinse with acid rinse after shampooing is a good idea in most cases. The conditioner will make your hair shinier, healthier and easier to comb. For friends of hair soap it also has an additional cleansing effect, because no soap residue sticks.

Make your own acid rinse

To do this you simply take 1-2 tablespoons cider vinegar in a litre of water and rinse the still wet hair directly after washing. You don't need to rinse out the acid rinse afterwards. The light vinegar smell doesn't last long, and the hair simply feels great.

Hair soap on the move - the tip for on the go

When travelling the Aleppo Hair Soap plays out another strength - it is unbeatably compact and economical. Simply cut a piece of the soap with a knife into handy portions that are hardly noticeable in your luggage. As we learned above, a third of a piece of hair soap replaces a bottle of shampoo. Have a good trip!


Good for you - good for nature!

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Our Aleppo hair soap from FINIgrana in detail

Bio-OlivenFINigrana® - Aleppo soap has been produced since the 8th century using traditional, natural methods in the Aleppo area. The main roles are played by high-quality olive and laurel oils. The olive oil cleans and ensures gentle re-fattening. The laurel oil with its antiseptic properties offers supple care for the skin. This, together with the absence of preservatives, the gentle production and use of natural & herbal ingredients ensures an excellent product that you can confidently use for your whole family. Of course, our Aleppo soaps can also be used for the whole body, animal-free, biodegradable and dermatologically rated "very good".

We have the following varieties of Aleppo Hair Soap available for you:

FINIgrana Hair Soap is made from 5 different high quality vegetable oils: Olive, coconut, laurel, almond and wheat germ oils. In addition to these oils, essential oils and black cumin oil are also used. All hair soaps are dermatologically tested (very well tolerated), care and gently clean the hair and scalp.
Of course all FINIgrana hair soaps are vegan & environmentally friendly products!

Aleppo hair soap "sensitive" with black caraway oil

Aleppo hair soap "sensitive" with caraway oilFINigrana Hair Soap "sensitive" with black cumin oil is suitable for the gentle cleaning and care of hair and the sensitive scalp. For all hair types, also for fine, sensitive hair. Black cumin oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, has an antibacterial effect and is suitable for daily cleansing and care of particularly sensitive scalps. The hair soap is easy, practical and environmentally friendly to use.

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Aleppo hair soap with essential citronella oil

Aleppo Haarseife mit ätherischem CitronellaölFINigrana Hair Soap "Citronella" is suitable for the gentle cleaning and care of hair and the sensitive scalp. The basic formula consists of five valuable vegetable oils: olive - coconut - laurel - almond - & wheat germ oil, which are effectively supported by pure essential fragrance oil. The hair soap is dermatologically tested, well-tolerated for all skin types, easy to use, environmentally friendly and practical even when travelling.

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Aleppo Hair Soap with essential rosemary oil

Aleppo Hair Soap with essential rosemary oilFINigrana Hair Soap "Rosemary" is suitable for the gentle cleansing and care of hair and scalp. The basic formula of 5 valuable vegetable oils is effectively supported by essential fragrance oil. Rosemary oil with fine tart scent, regulates the function of the scalp, calms and promotes its blood circulation. Regular use normalizes oily or dry hair and prevents dandruff. The application of hair soap is simple, practical and environmentally friendly.

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