Minerals & vitamins against viruses

Your immune system has probably never been as challenged as it is today. Here in this article we will discuss minerals, vitamins and trace elements that support the immune system or enable it to function properly.

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Health claims

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In the EU, the list of "health claims" specifies exactly what can be said about the medical properties of individual substances. This prevents dubious mixtures from being advertised with untenable healing promises. The other side of the coin, however, is that many natural products do not appear on this list and therefore may not be advertised accordingly. Many manufacturers circumvent this by adding minerals, vitamins and trace elements to their products that are found on the list of health claims in order to derive an advertising promise for the entire product.

However, in this article we only refer to the substantiated claims that refer to the following substances:


B1, B6, B12, C, D, folic acid and niacin


Zinc, selenium and iron

All these vitamins and minerals can claim to contribute to normal functioning of the immune system. In addition, these substances have many other proven functions that are necessary for normal health. We have put together a few important characteristics for you here as examples.

Vitamin C

Probably the best known vitamin has a lot more to offer besides its effect on your immune system. Vitamin C, for example, helps reduce fatigue, supports normal mental functions, is involved in normal nervous system functioning and is also associated with your blood vessels, bones and collagen formation.

Vitamin D

The so-called sun vitamin plays a particularly important role for your health. Especially in the dark season it is therefore worth keeping an eye on your vitamin D level. It is safe to say that vitamin D plays a role in your immune system, muscles, bones, calcium levels and cell division.

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin)

As an example of the vitamin B complex, let's take a look at the health claims of vitamin B12, which go far beyond the effects on your immune system. B12 affects your energy metabolism, nervous system, psyche, fatigue, red blood cell production and cell division.

healthy nutrition for your immun systemFolic acid contributes to normal functioning of the immune system, reduction of fatigue, normal blood formation and cell division. It also plays an important role in your psyche, cell division and amino acid synthesis.


Is present in most remedies for maintaining the immune system, which is not surprising. The substance may be attributed an incredible number of important functions. Skin, protein synthesis, testosterone, carbohydrate metabolism, hair, nails, macronutrient metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, fertility, cognitive functions, immune system, bones, acid-base metabolism, vision, DNA synthesis, cell division are all areas of your health where zinc at least contributes to normal function.


This important substance has a function which, among other things, contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells. Iron also plays a role in oxygen transport, energy metabolism, reducing fatigue and cell division. In addition, iron is of course also on the list that can claim to contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.


This helps your immune system

On the basis of the above mentioned vitamins and minerals, various excellent manufacturers have created preparations that are 100% organic and certified and are offered here in our Navoco-Shop. We have picked out a few of these helpers for your immune system and present them here.

Abwehr-Fit Kräutertee mit Lapacho im Navoco-ShopSalus

The Salus company has an extensive stock of tones, teas and capsules that can support your immune system.
We at Navoco always offer the "Defense Fit Herbal Tea with Lapacho" at this time of year - simply deliciously tart with natural vitamin C. We also recommend "vitamin B complex capsules", "multi-vitamin energetic" and much more from the Salus range here in the Navoco shop



With Chlorella & Spirulina, Sanatur has made a good name for itself in the field of food supplements and health products. With these well-known micro-algae, Sanatur also offers products that can support your immune system.

BioSpirulina bei NavocoFor example BioSpirulina, which contains natural vitamin A (from provitamin A) and iron extracted from microalgae. 
The company's SpiruZink product also relies on the microalgae and provides 100% natural zinc. 
It is definitely a good idea to take a closer look at the Chlorella & Spirulina products from Sanatur.


HÜBNER products are manufactured both according to traditional recipes with their tried and tested active ingredients and according to the latest scientific findings. Have a look at the Navoco range from Hübner. The company has some products on offer that can be helpful for your immune system. For children, ImmunPRO Kids is the perfect choice.
Here you will find a whole list of Navoco products that might be interesting in connection with the keyword "immune system" - have fun browsing.



Good nutrition for a healthy immune system

Of course, despite the above mentioned means, healthy nutrition should be treated with absolute priority. Food supplements are - as the name suggests - to be used as a supplement and nothing can replace a wholesome healthy diet.
We hope to have given you an understanding of the active ingredients and remedies that can have a significant influence on your immune system. Be inspired by the great products of the manufacturers here in the Navoco shop and stay healthy!
Your Navoco Team!