Eco and organic are the order of the day! Organic and natural products are now available almost everywhere but often with a good surcharge. Supermarkets and discounters often have their own organic brands, which makes the whole thing a bit more affordable.

Photocredit: Screenshot Coop Sverige

Despite this, the price puts many people off, especially large families. In Sweden, a family of five has taken the test: for 14 days the family has only eaten organic food. "Organic food costs much more than conventional food. And we have three children," explains mother Anette Palmberg in a video of the supermarket chain Coop in Sweden.

Price is one thing, but how has this change affected your health?

With the support of scientists from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Coop started a test. Urine samples from all family members were taken before and after. Previously, a variety of pesticides were found in everyone's body. "We found insecticides, fungicides and plant growth agents in all samples," explains Jörgen Magner from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute in the video.

After two weeks of organic food, the family sends your urine samples back to the lab and the results are amazing! Almost all pesticides are out of your body, even after only 14 days! "We know very little about the long-term damage that can occur if we eat food contaminated with pesticides," says Magner. "What we do know, however, is that chemicals can do far more damage when they occur in the body in combination with other pollutants." And this is the case when you eat conventional food from the supermarket. However, long-term damage cannot be ruled out.

Photocredit: Screenshot Coop Sverige

And what has changed for the Palmberg family now? Especially for the parents it was shocking to see how many toxins were hiding in their children's bodies. "The chemicals are out now, and I don't want them coming back," she says in the video.

The price of organic products will certainly remain a part of the decision what will be on the table here, but in the future this family will certainly eat more consciously.

Information from the Coop Sverige Video.