Nothing like cold drinks in the summertime. Anyone can make their own iced tea - and in different flavours. Of course in organic quality. In this article we show you how to make your own iced tea.

Make the organic iced tea yourself: Many people imagine it to be quite complicated, but it is actually very simple. First of all, you choose the type of tea you want, more about this in the following sections, brew it twice as much as usual, let it steep and then remove the filter or tea strainer if necessary. Ideally, the still hot tea is then poured over a few ice cubes and the homemade summer drink is ready.

Make your own iced tea with Lebensbaum, Salus and Herbaria

Eistee bio selber machen LEBENSBAUM

Making your own iced tea is quickly explained, whereas the real art and therefore the real fun is to find the right type of tea for yourself. After all, every taste is different, so in this case nothing else helps but to try out different sorts until you find your favourite. Of course, this type of tea is suitable for one occasion and the next one for another, so you can vary the taste. You can also make your own iced tea in 100% organic quality, as Lebensbaum, Salus and Herbaria and many other suppliers are distinguished by this very characteristic. Making your own iced tea can also be healthy, sustainable and natural.

Make your own organic iced tea with fruit tea

Wenn draußen die Temperaturen immer weiter steigen und sich so langsam, auch bei den Zuhause Gebliebenen ein Gefühl von Urlaub einstellt, geht doch nichts über einen Eistee, der dich gedanklich zumindest in die Karibik oder nach Lateinamerika versetzt. Südländisches Temperament und in vollen Zügen das Leben zu genießen: Das assoziiert man normalerweise mit der dortigen Kultur. Der Paradies Früchtetee der Marke Salus entführt dich an ferne Strände, sodass du schon fast meinst das Rauschen der Wellen in deinem Garten oder auf deinem Balkon hören zu können. Bereits beim Eistee selber machen fühlst du dich an das Mixen eines leckeren Cocktails mit exotischen Früchten erinnert. Ebenso wie die Kombination aus Hibiskusblüten, Hagebuttenschalen, Acerolasaftpulver und weiteren Zutaten des aromatisierten Früchtetees von Salus, stimmt dich schon alleine die Zubereitung deines selbstgemachten Bio-Eistees auf entspannte sowie erfrischte Sommertage ein.


The magic of the Orient: making your own iced tea

Salus bio Eistee selber machenOr perhaps you are drawn in the opposite direction, namely into the mysterious alleys of an Egyptian old town. The Hibiscus Blossom Tea from the company Lebensbaum brings the attitude towards life of the countries of North Africa directly to your home. Hibiscus tea, or as it is called there "Karkadeh", can be found on practically every street corner in Sudan and Egypt. When you make your own iced tea, you can see the air flickering in front of your inner eye and observe how the cool night falls over the Egyptian Sekem farm. This is where the hibiscus, which was used in this aromatic tea, comes from. Hand-picked and dried by the African sun, it is the ice-cooled ingredient of your tea and contributes to your summer having something exciting, almost magical. It is also a pleasure to make your own iced tea and watch the water in your cup turn garnet red. Moreover, the fruit tea with its lemony note is guaranteed to taste both hot and cold.


Keep a cool head when making your own iced tea

You're one of those contemporaries who loves the winter? You are always to be found at the Christmas market, where you stand at the spice stands, oblivious of yourself, flirting with cinnamon? The summer months are just too hot for you, so that you can hardly wait for autumn to finally arrive? Unfortunately, your birthday still falls during this time and every year you think about how you could make your birthday party more appealing? Why not try it yourself with an invitation for iced tea? Inform all your friends and family, then you go in search of a winter tea variety such as the Berries & Dreams - blend from the Lebensbaum company. With its symphony of wild apple, Ceylon cinnamon and cassia cinnamon, sweet blackberry leaf, cardamom, aniseed, clove and other winter ingredients, making your own iced tea will remind you of the best time of the year.


Make your own iced tea: naturally also for children

What would the summer be without the laughter of children? Probably only half as turbulent and exciting as usual. So that even the youngest children don't miss out on making their own iced tea, they should be allowed to make their own organic iced tea. Eulalia tea from the Herbaria brand, for example, is suitable for this. The mixture of maple syrup, fruit, hibiscus, beetroot and sweet blackberry leaves is specially designed to provide a great taste experience for children. This already makes for a wonderful afternoon-filling activity, because making iced tea yourself is great fun even for the smallest members of our society. In addition, they are introduced in a playful way to a natural way of dealing with important foods, which certainly includes organic iced tea, because it keeps us all cool and in a good mood throughout the summer.

We at Navoco know how refreshing it can be to make your own iced tea. If you are looking for your favourite tea variety for an aromatic cool taste experience, it ends here with us. Because in the Navoco Shop you are guaranteed to find it: Whether it's fruity teas that take you to distant Caribbean beaches, a drink that brings the magic of Northern Africa to your home, or a winter blend that helps you keep a cool head even in the hottest temperatures. On the other hand, if you have already decided on one or more teas to make your own iced tea, you can concentrate on the summer and enjoy it. At Navoco, we make sure that you never run out of organic iced tea. Even the youngest children can practice making their own iced tea thanks to the numerous products at Navoco. No one, large or small, once they have tried a home-made organic iced tea, can imagine the following summer months without it. Therefore we would like to warn you once again: there is an acute danger of addiction from making your own iced tea, and this should not be underestimated.

The Navoco team wishes you a lot of fun!



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