Who doesn't know it: In the morning time is short again, you just got up and took a shower, already the next look at the clock tells you that it's your turn to work.

Für all, which start gladly healthy into the day, the renouncement of the morning Müsli is inconceivable. On the way to work, people often quickly grab onto the supermarket shelf and take the ready mix out of the plastic container.

Pretty, these products contain earth and palmöl, which is very bad for our planet.

To spare the environment this burden, the morning grouch can shape his own Müsli in the glass the evening before and thus preserve planet and own health:

The best way to store the Müsli of Bauckhof or Allos in an empty jam jar.

Special hint:

The fresh orange jam from LaSelva is also perfectly suited to give the self-mixed marmalade a süüe touch. The glass can then be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cups!

now only the favourite yoghurt or the favourite yoghurt alternative is missing, which can of course also be transported in an empty jam jar and et voilà! The perfect To-Go-Müsli for Büro has been arranged.