They come back in summer: mosquitoes, wasps and flies and get on our nerves!

Everyone who has ever had a mosquito buzzing around at night knows exactly how strenuous it can be.

Washes are as keen on your sweet treat as you are when eating ice cream outdoors in summer and as soon as the kitchen window is open for five minutes, three flies are already sitting on the fruit in the fruit bowl.

How you can outwit these annoying pests in a natural way, you can learn here:


Mids are, as they are often mistakenly thought, actually not attracted by light but by odours.

You can do exactly that to your advantage: Because mosquitoes avoid the smell of lemongrass, you can keep them at bay with the essential oil Citronella  of Primavera.

Fill the oil into a scent lamp , for example, to distribute it all over the apartment, so you can aerate the bedroom before going to bed without hesitation.


Wasps love the smell of candy. What they don't like is the smell of lavender.

If you don't have fresh or dried lavender ready to hang, you can also try Lavender Oil .

Try placing the oil in a fragrance lamp on the balcony or terrace, relatively sheltered from the wind, to keep the nuisances off your neck while eating ice cream.

Another great method is to pour coffee grounds into a fireproof container and light it. The smoke that is generated is unpleasant for wasps.


The most important thing in the fight against the common fly is to clear away all food leftovers directly.

Crumbs and started packaging should not stand open on the kitchen table, as flies love the smell of food.

Additionally you can also fight the nerve saws with the smell of essential oils:

Ob Lavender , Eucalyptus  or Peppermint , flies hate these smells.