Calendula cream and oliveölseife used to be the typical natural variations to cosmetics. Today natural cosmetics offer much more and also much of what the normal competition has to market.

2013 the natural cosmetics market in Germany grew by seven percent and achieved a weak 920 million euros in sales.

Natural cosmetics brands such as Dr. Hauschka and Weleda can be found in drugstores today, but many of the major brands are following suit and have alternatives to sell. This selection doesn't make the decision any easier - here are a few tips on how to recognize natural cosmetics and what that really means:

Photocredit: Lavender soap.

How do you recognize natural cosmetics?

The best seal, but that's easier said than done. Seals are plentiful nowadays and all are slightly different. Oils, fats and waxes may only be produced from vegetable, mineral and limited animal raw materials. Silicones and paraffins must never be allowed to enter. Radioactive irradiation and animal experiments are also taboo. However, there are few similarities between the seals - the seals and standards only specify minimum criteria, everything is the decision of the manufacturer.

Are natural cosmetics healthier?

Herkömmliche Kosmetik often contains hormonally active substances. This may not be so bad if you only use one product, but most of the time there are many such products in our bathrooms. It is still not proven how such active substances react when they come into contact with other substances, i.e. cleaning agents or other cosmetics.

Is natural cosmetics better for the environment?

Not all natural cosmetic manufacturers obtain their raw materials from organic farming - so this is a much more difficult question. Small plastic particles, for example in peeling creams or toothpaste, pass through the filters in sewage plants and thus also into our weights.

Another example are synthetic light protection filters in sun creams - they get into the water and pollute many algae and corals. So it is also important to question a little before you buy.