Almost every woman uses it every day: the mascara. The longer she keeps her eyelashes undamaged, the better.

However, through sporting activity or rubbing on the eye, the black mascara is quickly smeared and gives a "panda eyes".

To counteract this, many women use waterproof mascara. However, these have a big disadvantage: to be waterproof, the mascara contains paraffins and silicone oils. These are petroleum-based substances, which are therefore the opposite of sustainable.

Although the waterproof effect cannot be achieved with natural raw materials, there are other criteria that speak in favour of using natural cosmetics:

a test result from Öko-Test shows that conventional mascara are contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Increased amounts of naphthalene were also found. Naphtalin is considered carcinogenic.

Those who do not want to expose their health to all these harmful substances from conventional mascara should use natural mascara from natural cosmetics. NAVOCO offers mascara from various natural cosmetic manufacturers such as benecos, Logona or Marie W..

picture of mascara