For many, the favorite nut-nougat cream is simply part of a delicious and balanced breakfast. Not only children, but also adults enjoy the one or other Nocciolata on their bread or roll...

Nuss-Nougat-Cremes und andere Köstlichkeiten


Of course, a healthy diet should not only revolve around sweets, but you have to treat yourself once in a while. In the following article you will not only learn how you can do something good for your body and mind with a product certified as organic, but also what alternatives there are to a conventional nougat cream.

Die traditional Nocciolata Nougatcreme

Rigoni di Asiago - Nocciolata Nuss-Nougat-Aufstrich milchfrei  im Navoco-Shop

There are a lot of companies that specialize in the production of a classic nut nougat cream. However, these products usually have one or even more catches: Either they contain dairy products, so you can't enjoy them if you're sensitive to milk, or they don't leave a neutral, but rather a negative environmental footprint, because tons of waste are generated every year due to the packaging. That being said, there are also some quality differences in nocciolata nougat cream in terms of its ingredients.

If you're about to give up on finding a delicate, easy-to-spread, organic nut nougat cream that's also eco-friendly, wait a moment. That's because the Rigoni di Asiago brand from Italy provides a delicious remedy to all of these problems with its dairy-free Nocciolata nut nougat spread. Made from the finest Italian hazelnuts and containing sunflower oil and cocoa, for example, the nut nougat cream not only carries an organic seal. You can also be sure that the ingredients retain their natural nutrients thanks to gentle processing until they land on your dining table in a convenient little jar. This sophisticated manufacturing process also makes Rigoni Nocciolata much easier to spread than other products.

Nut nougat cream all white

Assuming that you are not at all a fan of dark or normal chocolate, you are most likely often at a loss in front of the corresponding shelf with the nut nougat cream in the supermarket. Finding a suitable nocciolata for you can almost be compared to the proverbial search for the well-known, and rarely revealed, needle in a haystack. Fortunately, there are certainly companies that take care of this unacceptable situation. These include, for example, the aforementioned Italian company Rigoni di Asiago, whose Nocciolata Bianca hazelnut spread brings the world of nut nougat cream into your home. Also in an eco-friendly jar and just as spreadable as its darker counterpart, this nut nougat cream is just waiting to transport you into an aromatic world with the taste of hazelnut, cocoa and vanilla at the start of the day.

Schoko-Brotaufstrich bei Navoco

If the nougat cream may be darker sometimes

Chocoreale - Zartbitter bei Navoco kaufen

But you may also love it as dark as possible on your bread or rolls. Of course, nowadays there are also products where the unique taste of cocoa comes into its own in the form of a dark nougat cream. On the other hand, you're not a fan of nuts, especially hazelnuts? In this case, a Nocciolata nut nougat cream is probably not for you. Fortunately, more and more alternatives are coming on the market that are obtained through the use of organic farming. If you're also looking for an easy-to-spread as well as dairy-free nougat cream, you've now reached your destination.

The plain spread from the Chocoreale company is guaranteed to leave almost nothing to be desired. It is not only sustainable due to its glass packaging, but also bears the Fairtrade seal. Awaiting you is a completely vegan, but very chocolaty taste experience of the finest variety. The dark nougat cream gets that certain something from a hint of bourbon vanilla powder, which combines ideally with the cocoa used. 

Nocciolata discovery with rice

You like it unusual and are therefore open to a new nougat cream on the culinary journey in your everyday life? Or maybe you're allergic to the conventional ingredients in a Nocciolata nut nougat cream, but you really want to enjoy a sweet treat during your meal? Then you should give the chocolate-style rice syrup spread from the Naturkorn Mühle Werz brand a chance. It is in no way inferior to a classic nougat cream, but it is not only gluten- and lactose-free, but also completely vegan. The combination of rice syrup with cocoa also brings you some health benefits, because the alternative spread impresses with its outstanding proportion of natural minerals and its long sugar chains, which guarantee better and more controlled metabolism.


The delicious alternative to nut nougat cream: tiger nuts

A particular tragedy develops at the breakfast table if you actually love the taste of hazelnuts in an organically certified nocciolata, but are allergic to nuts or have to or want to do without them for some other compelling reason. In addition, a large number of manufacturers of conventional nut nougat cream also use ordinary cane sugar, which in some cases, for example in the case of certain diseases, can also have a negative effect. But what is the solution to this problem? Should you give up your beloved Nocciolata nougat cream from now on? The answer is absolutely not!

Govinda - Chufella Erdmandel-Schoko-Creme online bei Navoco kaufen

Where there's a will, there's always a way. A true all-rounder, and a delicious alternative option at that, are tiger nuts. They are slightly sweet in taste and also have an underlying nutty flavor, which is why you don't need to resort to hazelnuts or cane sugar. If that all sounds good to you so far, it's worth just trying the Chufella tiger nut chocolate cream from the Govinda brand. Apart from the fact that the naturally sweet alternative to Nocciolata nut nougat cream is packaged in an ecological screw-top jar and is also certified organic, the tiger nuts harmonize perfectly with the processed cocoa. This chocolate cream also eschews palm oil entirely in favor of lupine protein, sunflower oil, salt and cocoa butter.

Whether you're interested in the classic nut nougat cream variety or a fancy light nocciolata, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for in our store at Navoco. In case you love nougat cream but are not a fan of hazelnuts, it is worth taking a look at the alternative sweet sins, such as the plain spread. The delicious exotics in the range, on the other hand, include the products with rice syrup and tiger nuts. However, these are not only suitable for people who rely on a vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free diet for health reasons. Just dive into the world of the numerous nut nougat cream options and let yourself be surprised by what you can find in the Navoco store. Your Navoco team wishes you a lot of fun while browsing!