Superfoods are the new trend in healthy nutrition.
But we should not only focus on our own health: The ecological aspect behind super-healthy nutrition must also play a role.
Many superfoods come from faraway countries and have to travel long distances before they reach our supermarket shelves.

Chia seeds are considered to be the healthy seeds par excellence. However, due to unfavourable conditions for the plants, they cannot be cultivated in Europe. Linseed ( is a local alternative to chia seeds. They contain almost the same valuable ingredients as chia seeds and also high-quality omega-3 fatty acids.

A local alternative for the popular Goji berry is the European rose hip. Whether as tea ( or in powder form ( the rose hip is just so full of vitamin C with 119 mg to 28 g.

So food doesn't always have to come from far away to be healthy. Whoever falls back on our local alternatives is thus protecting our planet and the climate and we find that top!