Bio products are often subject to the prejudice of being too expensive and therefore not affordable enough for the normal earner. But it doesn't have to be that way for a long time! With a little knowledge and planning, everyone can shop sustainably and naturally. Here are a few tips:

Planning: Planning is everything. Don't buy too much and just what you need. Planning ahead for the week and not buying blindly - that makes a big difference to your budget.

Seasonal shopping: Conscious cooking and shopping - Strawberries in December? That's expensive. But until November - you can really hit it.

Check offers:  Who has what on offer? A little information beforehand helps. Don't forget online offers - because they are often the best.

Shopping online: Buying products online is not only quick and convenient but often also much cheaper. Have a look at and see for yourself how good this works. Moreover - no lugging around as everything is delivered directly into the house. 

private labels: Many supermarket chains and discounters now have organic private labels that are much more affordable than others. This applies not only to food but also to cosmetics, cleaning agents and much more.   

Freezing: Half a Kürbis, a piece of ginger and also the kohlrabi are now in the refrigerator after cooking. Whether they are probably still needed, or will they go to the Müll at the end of the week? Cooking large portions and then freezing is not only practical but also saves money!