Autumn and winter are the times of the year when our skin is very stressed. Cool wind and dry air lead to unpleasant feelings of tension and dry lips. However, there are some effective ways to counteract these weather-related symptoms. In the following we present you our tips for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful under adverse conditions.

Healthy skin in autumn

Find yourself a mild detergent for the cold months. For your face, we recommend the soothing cleansing milk from Weleda, which protects your skin from drying out and optimally prepares it for further care.

Soothing care products with hamamelis or chamomile are also suitable for healthy autumn skin.

Keep your skin soft and supple with long-lasting moisturizing cream. For face, neck and décolleté we recommend the SANTE 24H moisturizing cream with organic shea butter and organic Inca-Inchi-oil , which immediately and noticeably cares for your skin. It contains important vitamin C that your skin needs to develop natural collagen to stay healthy and wrinkle-free.

Natural body care

Shea butter is very suitable for body care as it intensively supplies the skin with nutrients and supports cell renewal. Cattier Shea Butter is 100% organic and makes your skin soft and supple. This pure natural product also gives hair new shine and vitality.

Skincare with shea butter and cream

Healthy lips in turbulent times

Care and protection against environmental influences Everon Lip Care with valuable natural substances. On sunny days we recommend the lip care stick from eco cosmetics with sun protection factor 30, which protects against harmful UV rays with 100% natural ingredients.