Disinfectants - the big sellout

Here in the Navoco shop and almost everywhere else, disinfectants are in short supply and usually sold out. The sharp rise in demand has swept the warehouses empty. It would be nice if we could come up with some good news now, but the situation around supply chains and production is simply still too confusing. Here in this article we therefore look at alternatives to our biological disinfectants and want to give you - free of panic - an overview.

disinfectants & alternatives

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Justified concern

The spread of the coronavirus in this country (status 16.3.20) is only just beginning. At the moment the official authorities are trying to straighten out the infection in the population to prevent the health system from being overloaded. It is therefore quite justified and also necessary to take measures for one's own health and all other persons with whom one has daily contact. In any case, the basis of these measures is to prevent, ingest or even transmit the virus as effectively as possible. This is where disinfectants come into play.

Produce disinfectants yourself?

In the meantime, the WHO (World Health Organisation) has spread a "recipe" that enables each individual to produce a simple disinfectant themselves. Here we also list it once:

  •     830 milliliters ethanol (96 percent) or 750 milliliters isopropyl alcohol (99.8 percent)

  •     42 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide (3 percent)

  •     15 millilitres of glycerine (98 per cent)

  •     110 millilitres of boiled water (for isopropyl alcohol about 193 millilitres of boiled water)

Washing hands is important

Now you will immediately notice that the ingredients are not easily found in the household or in the supermarket around the corner. The way to the pharmacy is therefore unavoidable.

But exactly there in the pharmacy there is qualified personnel available to sell you self-produced disinfectant. So before you try it yourself, it is better to make use of the service of the pharmacy.

Alternatives to disinfectants - Washing hands

First of all, you should be aware that thorough hand washing is quite sufficient in most cases and you can do without disinfectants. However, if you are still looking for more effective products in the current situation, then take a look around the essential oils section.

"Washing hands is a simple and effective measure that can protect against infection."

Quote: BZgA

The Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA / Germany for short) describes the correct and effective way to wash your hands in five steps:

  1. hold your hands under running water. The temperature is not so important here. Choose it so that it is comfortable for you.
  2. then soap your hands thoroughly. Pay attention to the palms of your hands, the backs of your hands, fingertips, spaces between your fingers, thumbs and fingernails.
  3. gently rub the soap for 20 to 30 seconds.
  4. rinse hands under running water and be sure to use a disposable towel or elbow to operate the tap in public washrooms and toilets.
  5. dry your hands thoroughly afterwards.

The Federal Centre recommends washing your hands on the following occasions:

- Whenever you come home...

- After each visit to the toilet

- After blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing

- After each contact with waste

- After each contact with animals, animal food or similar

- Before every meal

- Before taking medication

- Before applying cosmetics

- Before and after preparing food - especially meat

- Before and after contact with sick people

- Before and after the treatment of wounds


Source: Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung


Essential oils

Essential oils at navoco

Essential oils contain the concentrated defence and attractant mechanisms of the plant world. Examples of antiviral are essential oils of tea tree, thyme, eucalyptus, lavender, sandalwood, oregano, cinnamon and lemon.

It is therefore a good idea to use essential oils as a disinfectant for the air in the room or as an additive for washing hands. According to studies, room scenting e.g. reduces the number of germs in the air after a short time. Germ-inhibiting and antiviral oils can enhance the effect of hand washing.

Here in the Navoco category „NATURAL DRUGERY / Fragrance Oils & Incense“ you will find a wide variety of essential oils in the best organic quality from certified manufacturers.


Keep calm and think of others

As the most important tip, however, we would like to tell you that a relaxed but decisive approach to this virus crisis is important. Do not drive yourself crazy and follow simple hygiene rules (wash your hands, do not touch your face). Please remember that by acting with foresight and consideration you will also protect others who may be more vulnerable to the serious consequences of a virus disease than yourself.
Besides all the focus around avoiding contact and disinfection, please remember that your body needs rest and a good and wholesome nutrition during the crisis.
In order to strengthen your immune system, you can also obtain effective food supplements here in the Navoco shop. In a separate article, we have compiled an overview of these products and their basics for you.

Stay healthy!

Your Navoco Team