Where you can hardly get past plastic, you have to use it sustainably and responsibly. Plastic and sustainability are not a contradiction in terms! Using the plastic sustainably means recycling it and to reuse. Used plastic waste must be seen as a valuable raw material.

Therefore it no longer ends up in landfills and incinerators, or even worse, in nature and the oceans. It's very simple: empty packaging ends up in the yellow bin or the collection of recyclable materials in the waste sorting system. The sorted plastic waste is washed and shredded and processed again to plastic granulate, which in turn is used for bottle production - a closed cycle of recyclable materials is created, just like with paper and glass! It is important that only pure plastics such as PE, HDPE and PET are used.

AlmaWin gets your circulation going! This is exactly what the new AlmaWin bottles made of PE (polyethylene) or PET (polyethylene terephthalate) do. They already consist of so-called Reyclat, i.e. of collected, purified and shredded plastic waste. With comparatively lower energy consumption and almost no primary raw material consumption, waste is converted into new bottles. Logically, the amount of waste is also reduced - because the bottles are repeatedly introduced into the recycling cycle.

Allowed, my name is "UMWELTHELD"

AlmaWin has worked intensively with raw material suppliers and bottle producers for this innovation and can now present a total of three new variants of packaging, which are presented under the title "ENVIRONMENTAL HELD". The white and coloured PE bottles consist of over 95 percent recycled PE, the transparent PET bottles of 100 percent recycled PET. The liquid detergent in the resealable foil bag is also one of the environmental heroes, as it saves 75% on plastic. The environmental heroes can be recognized by the pink bottle pendant with the green leaflet.

The AlmaWin products with packaging made of recycled and reused materials can be found here!

Environmental Heroes 2018