Our society is getting faster and faster, but the human organism is not designed to function at full speed. To stay healthy, it is important to take time out at regular intervals to recharge your batteries. Rituals to get in the mood for the relaxation that follows help you to do this. With organic tea from sustainable and fair cultivation you create an oasis of peace and quiet, whereby the individual possibilities are infinitely varied. In this article you will get an insight into the world of organic tea varieties and suggestions on how to integrate them into your everyday life.

Time for tea - pause with organic tea

The importance of organic: making tea is an art

Not only with organic tea, but also with organically grown coffee and cocoa beans there is no use of pesticides that are harmful to your health. In contrast to conventional tea, which in many cases is grown in structurally weak countries, organic tea also guarantees that the respective local producers are not exploited. Above all the brands Yogi Tea, Shoti Maa, Lebensbaum, Sonnentor and Cupper, but also numerous other producers, are committed to fair payment for their local workers. You can therefore enjoy your favorite organic tea with a clear conscience during a time-out.

Maintain physical and mental balance thanks to organic tea

Yogi Tea - Basische Kräuter Bio im Navoco-Shop

When the challenges of your everyday life are under control, it can be very difficult to find peace of mind. Regardless of whether you want to be able to cope with stressful situations in your family, or whether you are perhaps under great pressure at work or school, an alkaline diet can be a supporting measure. It not only influences your body, but also increases your mental well-being. Practically speaking, you can also promote these positive effects by choosing special drinks, for example organic tea.

Before everything threatens to become too much for you, you can replenish your individual power reserves with the herbal tea "Alkaline Organic Herbs" from Yogi Tea. Based on the Ayurvedic mixture of herbs and spices, this organic tea will help you to pause for a moment, to find your center, and to participate in your daily life again. As a certified organic tea, the aromatic ingredients, which include lavender, lemon grass, lemon balm, fennel, oatgrass and nettle, are of high quality. In the cultivation of the raw materials, attention is paid to a high biological standard as well as to a sustainable positive effect on the local economic structures.

Your organic tea for a restful night's rest

Bio Tee für guten SchlafEndless lists of things that one still wants to or has to do determine not only their waking hours for many people, but also follow them into their dreams or rob them of their sleep. You have probably also experienced that you couldn't sleep before an important appointment, or that a specific topic has even caught up with your dreams. Through this reaction, the human brain tries on the one hand to keep an overview and on the other hand to ensure that no wrong serious decisions are made. But from a certain degree it is unhealthy not to be able to let go, because you need a regenerating sleep to start the next day fresh and rested.

Sweet dreams thanks to organic tea and sleep routine

In order for your nervous system to be able to prepare itself in time to be allowed to relax, it is a good idea to develop a routine that suits you. In principle, anything that brings you down is allowed and helps you to admit that you can allow yourself to relax, although a bright screen is more likely to wake you up, so you should avoid it if possible. Instead, try a cup of organic tea with chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, lemongrass, fennel seeds, rose hip and green mint. The "Sweet Dreams Tea" from Cupper will delight you with its natural ingredients and its lovingly designed packaging, as well as with the fact that the organic tea is produced under fair conditions.

Help during the cold season with organic tea

Sonnentor - Ingwer Kurkuma Tee online kaufen

Who says you can't combine your personal time of pause with other benefits that organic tea brings? Especially in the cold winter months, but also already in autumn, the number of pathogens, some of which are harmless, increases massively. Hardly anyone is spared from, for example, an annoying cold during the dark season. During these months, your immune system works at full speed to keep you as healthy as possible so that it can effectively fight off the causes of the cold that are present in your body.

However, the body's own defense system reacts extremely negatively to stress and unhealthy food. By choosing Sonnentor organic ginger-turmeric tea, you are killing two birds with one stone. Due to the ingredients fennel, pepper, turmeric, ginger and galangal, the latter also being a ginger plant, your circulation will be stimulated on the one hand and an inhibition of inflammation inside your body on the other hand. Your oasis of peace is accompanied by an aromatic taste that will transport your senses to an exotic realm of relaxation where you can let your mind wander.


If you cannot decide for organic tea

Once the decision has been made to do something good for yourself in your everyday life at regular intervals, you are faced with the challenge of finding the organic tea that really gives you pleasure. It may be that you have had a favorite organic tea for years and just want to broaden your horizons, or you may be faced with an extensive range of organic teas that you want to find your way around. A few manufacturers, among them the brand Shoti Maa, are aware of the variety of flavors and have developed a concept to make your choice easier. The Shoti Maa Magic Box is ideal as a tasting and gift package for all those who have either not yet found their favourite organic tea, or if you just want a little variety for your lasting break.

As soon as you have decided to take a break from your daily routine with a warm cup of organic tea and find your inner center, you are already on the right path to a stronger balance of body and soul. We at Navoco will support you in finding your ideal organic tea, and we will make sure that you always have a pleasant companion for your personal time out. We wish you a lot of fun while browsing the Navoco-Shop!