A gluten-free bread alternative, which is healthy, comes from controlled cultivation and is also a real sports nutrition, has been a bestseller in our Navoco shop for quite some time. People simply love this tasty, gluten-free and healthy bread. Reason enough for us to give the "Wunderbrod" a detailed article so that you can see exactly where this great bread alternative comes from, what it contains, how it is prepared and what we think about this top product.

The wonder bread from Norway - a great alternative to cereal products

WunderbrodThe inventor of the "Wunderbrod" is a Norwegian pastor named Markset, who had early experience with the positive effect of oats on the performance of athletes. In his book "Levekraft", the pastor describes his approach to holistic nutrition for athletes and normal people who simply want a healthy diet. His product "Wunderbrod" has become particularly well known in the community that suffers from gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Many people now swear by the healthy baking mixture according to the original Norwegian recipe. The many good ingredients from controlled organic cultivation speak for this gluten-free bread alternative alone!

What's inside the wonderbread?

The Wunderbrod is supplied as a gluten-free baking mixture. The package results in a finished bread of over 900 grams. No raising agents such as baking powder, yeast or sourdough are used. The main ingredient is oats from guaranteed and certified gluten-free cultivation. Besides oats, the Wunderbrod also contains pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, ground linseed, sesame seeds, linseed, chia seeds (Salvia hispanica), millet wholemeal flakes, ground psyllium seed shells and sea salt. Did we already mention that all ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation?

You'll be surprised how aromatic this mixture is and how light and crispy this bread is on your plate.

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The ingredients - care and control

The fact that the oats used are controlled gluten-free is not due to a special variety, but rather to a careful and professional treatment of the natural product, which forms the basis for our gluten-free bread alternative.

“Most people are familiar with gluten-free foods from textbooks or lists: Oats contain gluten. The reason for this is that commercial oats are contaminated with gluten-containing cereals during cultivation, transport and processing.”

Bauck GmbH, Manufacturer

The controlled gluten-free oat differs in its protein structure in such a way that the part of the gluten harmful to celiac disease, gliadin, is not contained in oats.

It is a particular challenge for the manufacturer to keep a foodstuff such as oats so pure and controlled in its production and processing and not to contaminate it with other cereals. The purity of the oat must be ensured at various test points via sowing, field, harvest and further processing.

“I see the cultivation of gluten-free oats as a responsible task, which I take very seriously. Our goal is therefore always to have no foreign grain in our harvest.“

Carsten Niemann of Biohof Ritzleben

The oats used in "Wunderbrod" are therefore subjected to gluten control in every batch produced. So you can be sure that your Wunderbrod complies with the EU directive for gluten-free foods.


The preparation of Wunderbrod

A special advantage of this gluten-free bread alternative is its easy preparation.

Before baking, the mixture must first be soaked for some time. It is then baked for approx. 80 minutes and the fragrant and healthy bread is ready. Depending on your taste, the bread can be baked in a classic box form or flat on a baking tray.

We have decided in our test for the original Norwegian way of long soaking. It could also be shorter, but our mixture was allowed to soak for a cosy three hours. After that the rest, as described above, was a piece of cake: 80 minutes in the oven and ready!

We think, the box variant is crispy on the outside (grease the form beforehand with e.g. olive oil) and juicy on the inside - just like you want a good loaf of bread. Many customers praise the great taste of the bread and have already fully integrated it into their everyday lives. We can only agree with that.

Tip for storage

Once baked, many of our customers recommend freezing the bread in portions, so that they always have fresh Wunderbrod at home.

All in all, the preparation is super easy, and you won't want to miss the great Wunderbrot anymore.

Make your own picture and order our wonderful Wunderbrod today. Many of our customers buy this long-lasting product on stock, in order to always be supplied with fresh gluten-free bread alternatives.

Wunderbread - overview of the advantages

  • Gluten-free bread alternative
  • Fast self-baking
  • Tastes good
  • Powerful enough
  • Is rich in protein
  • Good durability
  • Biologically Controlled Ingredients

Our conclusion on Wunderbrod

It is no wonder that this gluten-free bread alternative is so popular. The advantages of this wonderful bread are simply extremely diverse. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a healthy bread, need a gluten-free alternative or want to be well nourished as an athlete, Wunderbrod covers your needs and tastes great at the same time.

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Info Oats

HOatsThe main ingredient of the great Wunderbrod as a gluten-free bread alternative is oats - a true power grain!

Oats are the healthiest of the common cereal varieties. The grain can be obtained gluten-free and is much more nutritious than its colleagues. In addition, many special properties are attributed to the tasty grain.

The Ingredients

With its excellent nutrient density, oats provide a good supply of many nutrients and vital substances.

The following substances occur in oats:

  • Biotin - great for hair, skin and nerves
  • Vitamin B1 and B6 - the nerve vitamins
  • Iron - Oats can replace meat as a source of iron
  • Magnesium - 40gr oats already supply 60mgr magnesium
  • Silicon - good for the bones
  • Ballast materials - great combination of soluble and insoluble ballast materials

The list of impressive ingredients and properties of oat is far from over. Oats also play an important role in the treatment of diabetes. Many diabetes centres now offer traditional oat cures for diabetics.