Why do you buy at Navoco.de?
Familie Schwarz – Sophie (37) & Arno, Jaron & Justus aus Köln

Since the birth of our children, we have been increasingly concerned with the topic of healthy nutrition. Who wants to give their children contaminated food? Before, we only perceived the topic "organic" on the periphery and were not so important to us.

Then we became more and more aware that shower gels and shampoos can also contain substances that are not necessarily good for children, e.g. preservatives based on parabens.

Detergents can also contain many substances that irritate the skin of children and adults. Our friends had massive problems with their little son. When they changed the detergent, it immediately improved.

This is why we have increasingly become organic fans. Since my husband and I are both working and also have to manage the family, it is ideal to order our organic and natural products from the sofa in the evening.

We found what we were looking for at Navoco. Here we get all products from one source, at a great price and with faster delivery.

Many thanks to the Navoco Team!

Rebecca (26 Jahre) aus Berlin

I just want to eat healthy, be fit and do it a little differently than my parents. In the past, people just didn't know what pesticides and preservatives could do. Today you are much smarter and there is simply no reason to continue as before.

So I started shopping in the organic shop "around the corner" and I still do that but sometimes it's not quite cheap. Then I found affordable and good organic food at Navoco and much more. I could browse for hours through the multitude of your products and have already found what I was looking for in natural cosmetics.

It gives me a good feeling to eat healthy and to respect the environment. I have already recommended Navoco to my friends, because they tick very similarly.

Well then, dear Navoco Team - keep it up!

Franz (53) aus Heilbronn

Or me, organic products are a must, because unfortunately I am allergic. For me it started early with nutritional problems and intolerances, but back then people simply didn't know where it came from. Today, I feed myself largely gluten-free and on products that have not been injected - that makes me feel much better. At Navoco I find a large selection of products that I can tolerate very well!

In the past I was always limited, because there were not so many products for me to eat, but nowadays the selection is huge and at Navoco I find different products and can always vary.

There are also delicious products for the whole family, the muesli selection, for example, is huge and we have already tried a lot. That was also a reason for me to look around for organic products on the Internet, because due to the large selection we find products that are delicious for everyone and I do not always have to enjoy my "special food" alone.

So Navoco - the next order will come for sure.

Karen (45) Hamburg

I have been vegetarian and organic since I was 20. For me this is an attitude towards life and yes, I also try to convince others of it from time to time. I think it's crazy that people still eat food that is stuffed full of colorants and preservatives. You just have to look around and see how many people have allergies these days. For me it's clear that this has to do with unhealthy nutrition and the substances found in our food today.

I personally also use sustainable cleaning agents and detergents. These can be degraded by the environment much faster than "normal" detergents. I want to leave my children a clean environment worth living in, especially as there are no big differences in price between sustainable and conventional detergents. You just have to do it!

Since I don't always make it to the Bioshop, it is ideal for me to buy many of my favorite organic & natural products on the Internet from Navoco. I tried different shops and got stuck with Navoco. I like the site very much, the prices are great and I get my order delivered to my home in no time. What more do you want?

Many greetings and thank you for your great shop!

Charlotte (41) Frankfurt

I came across Navoco because of the quality of the products. It's not about whether it's organic or not, it's about something delicious, intense and exceptional. Yes, you can say that we are connoisseurs. We like a good wine or intense chocolate. When cooking we pay attention to very good olive oil or delicious antipasti. If you also have the knowledge that they are organic products, that's a very nice side effect.

Over time, I have also rummaged about natural cosmetics and tried out a few things. Meanwhile I swear by the hair colour of Ayluna. The hair is rather cared for than treated with chemicals and you can see that.

I like to come back and try something new.

Wolfgang (65) und Ursula (63) Schwäbisch Gmünd

We live in the countryside and unfortunately don't have an organic shop around the corner. We would have to drive 15km to find a suitable shop. Therefore, we browsed the internet and found a complete assortment at Navoco.

This summer we had a lot of fruit and bought all the jam sugar from Navoco to boil it down.

We are also tea lovers and have ordered a lot of tea from the huge range on offer. We love teas from Lebensbaum and Salus, they taste especially good to us.

We will continue to look at Navoco in the future, because it is very convenient for us to simply order on the PC, instead of driving so far by car.

Greetings from Schwäbisch Gmünd