SONETT - Dishwashing Detergents Lemon - 1L
SONETT - Dishwashing Detergents Lemon - 1L

Dishwashing Detergents Lemon - 1L

Water hardness insensitive, extremely economical agent for dishwashing by hand.

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About the Product:
abbaubar Pure vegetable surfactants, especially abbaubar For dishwashing Naturally fresh fragrance of organic lemongrass oil abbaubar 100% organic hautschonend Available: 120 ml, 300 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres, 10 litres and 20 litres
Additional Details:
Water hardness insensitive, extremely economical agent for dishwashing by hand.
Special Features:
The Sonett dishwashing detergent is a concentrated product and therefore very economical to use. The surfactants used, coconut fatty alcohol sulphate and sugar surfactant, are 100 % biodegradable and, in this combination, very well tolerated by the skin.
Application/Dosage: 2 splashes (approx. 3 ml/5 l water) into the rinsing water or directly onto the rinsing sponge.
Quality Standard & Certification:
ecogarantie|CSE Standard|SCC - climate-friendly|the vegan society
Product Type:
bottle (plastic)
Storage Conditions:
If possible, store inaccessible for children between 58 and 58 Short-term temperature Under- or overtemperature is possible without damage to the product.Technical data: Density: (20 58) approx. 1.04 g/cm3 pH value: (20 58, 5 g/l H2O) approx. 7.58.5 At temperatures below 10 58 the product changes and becomes somewhat firmer and whitish, which disappears again in the heat, possibly by shaking slightly.
Sugar surfactant 515% Coconut fatty alcohol sulphate 15 % Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 515 % Food grade salt < 1 % Citrate < 1 % Natural ethereal lemongrass oil, from controlled organic cultivation < 1 % Balsamic additives, from controlled organic cultivation/wild collection < 1 % Water, swirled ad 100
Sonett GmbH, Ziegeleiweg 5, D-88693 Deggenhausertal
Legal Notice:
Keep out of the reach of children.

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