SONETT - Toilet Cleaner Mint Myrtle - 750ml
SONETT - Toilet Cleaner Mint Myrtle - 750ml

Toilet Cleaner Mint Myrtle - 750ml

For the cleaning of WC bowls with fresh fragrance of mint Myrtle

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Content: 750ml
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About the Product:
abbaubar Removes thoroughly dirt, urine stone, Anbau Scent of essential mint and myrtle oil from controlled organic 100 % organic Anbau Available: 120 ml, 0.75 liter, 10 liter
Additional Details:
For the cleaning of WC bowls with fresh fragrance of mint Myrtle
Special Features:
With the scent of fresh mint and spicy myrtle. The essential oils come 100% from controlled organic cultivation. Impurities and calcium deposits are effectively removed by purely vegetable surfactants and the power of citric acid. The product is vegan and completely biodegradable.
For normal WC cleaning, spray the cleaner sparingly under the edge of the bowl and work with the brush. In case of heavy soiling and urine scale, leave to take effect overnight; rinse the next day. Repeat the procedure if necessary. For iron- and manganese-containing deposits in toilets, use Sonett scouring powder.
Quality Standard & Certification:
ecogarantie|the vegan society|SCC - climate-friendly|CSE Standard
Product Type:
bottle (plastic)
Storage Conditions:
Store inaccessible to children if possible between 56 and 56 Short-term temperature under- or over-runs are possible without damage to the product.Technical data: Density: (20 56) approx. 1.01 g/cm3 pH value: (20 56, 5 g/l H2O) approx. 56
15%, Vegetable alcohol (ethanol)Zitronensäure515%, Coconut fatty alcohol sulphate 15%, Sugar surfactants 515%, Vegetable thickener <1%, Natural essential oils from mint and myrtle <1% from contr. organic cultivation, Balsamic additives <1% from contr. organic cultivation / wild collection, Water, whirled ad 100%
Sonett GmbH, Ziegeleiweg 5, D-88693 Deggenhausertal
Legal Notice:
Keep out of the reach of children.

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